Reference-and-Education India has always been a place of extremely rich culture and history. Wedged between the Orient and the Middle East, it has managed to retain its very specific and unique identity compared to any other country. Its spices, at first sent to Europe through trade in the ancient Levant route, to then being sought after directly by the Europeans for its economic value, India nowadays is one of the rising superpowers of the 21st century, and predicted to have its population count high and well above China. Though it is still in development, with massive poverty rates, companies all over the world are investing in the great economic possibility that is India itself, with business and employment on the rise. While this is being the tendency right now, (much to the detriment of European countries, and the US) it remains to see how the current development will result in India, though all points to an immense success in the long run, consolidating its possible future superpower status. However, with rising employment rates, there will always be spots open to only those who possess higher education. While not as readily available in India compared to other countries, this is changing quickly to accommodate the fast new changes. Vocational education in India is on the rise, with vocational programs being more commonplace and widespread thanks to the investment of several companies in the country recently. One could give a very good example with a nutrition course for starters. Indian cuisine is very unique and rich and dependent on spices for many of its dishes. Nutritionists are needed when many of these foods, while very much delicious by many, can be harmful when taken in excess. (As with any other food, but India especially due to its focus) And of course, if all goes to worse, a dietician, having completed their dietician course will be able to guide the offender back into a balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle once again. But one could state many other examples, as jobs of every variety and kind are on the rise in India, by all accounts so far its a success story, especially compared to the European Unions state of affairs, fractured and in serious crisis with the US in a similar but not as critical situation. Few countries in these current times can boast of saying their employment is increasing and their economy is booming. But indeed, India can proudly say that, much to the eternal envy of many others around her. The very culture of India some 10, 20 years ago is rapidly changing, as if from day to night, not being fully able to keep up with all the changes its undergoing, split between the old and the new. Its stereotypes are slowly dissipating. While still having a few problems to handle, it is definitely a whole lot better off than it ever was. And they have only got themselves to thank for reaping the opportunities given to them and using them the best way possible. This Article referral by:- ..articlesbase../education-articles/education-in-india-a-rising-power-5888335.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: