DPL League week 4: IG to LGD leading the championship sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Information Center, perfect world official cooperation, trustworth media hosted DOTA2 DPL second China occupation league season’s top league last week were four games. Compared to the first two rounds of the league we have in the event of a tie, this week’s eight top league, draw and win each half, but the atmosphere has changed a lot. At present the table as follows, IG team and LGD team with 8 points for the championship lead IG.V team won 7 points followed by the rest of the team, the gap is not large, they believe that after the top of the DPL League will bring us a wonderful game.   compared with the first two rounds of the trial team, training team, the two days of competition is obvious to many. In the first game, the audience that would be one-sided situation, relying on the perfect CDEC in the highlands to pull the opponent will shield a group off. Rely on this wave rally took advantage of their critical point. The first bureau with the thorn tasted the sweetness of the CDEC once again selected the hero, the results of the single logging machine line was pressed, under the great disadvantage of 16 minutes has been VG on the ground. The two teams are showing their own characteristics, we have reason to believe they will bring a better play.   a game is so wonderful, the next show is to let the audience hooked, LGD against IG.V once again shows down the city people do not back the spirit of economic weakness, breaking two LGD also completed a blockbuster comeback performance. The loss of the first game did not affect the state of the IG.V, the second inning is still playing a sufficient level, but in the face of many LGD control, the team’s weaknesses led to IG.V eventually lost the game. Although the harvest is a 0:2 score, but the performance of IG.V is more and more mature gratifying. IG 2:0 WINGS upset so many fans call unexpectedly, B God also rely on perfect games in the play, the team is currently leading the championship. The wonderful day of the match finished with Sean as the most classic war turret parents, it is perfect, but the game lost to two consecutive EHOME axe the hero, also shows a thorough study of LGD on the enemy EHOME years of it.   the second day of the opening game is LGD the first civil war, LFY rely on pat bear early to make a loss, beat the opponent a fire cat under the accumulation of advantage be taken by surprise, the situation gradually rolling, powerless LGD had to play GG. Second although LFY in BP has some advantages, but the state of the AME is unreasonable, after killing from super brother team hand under a very important one. Then CDEC and IG.V also have come back, each scored an end. It can be seen that there is no real strength between the domestic first-line team who is weak, everything depends on the understanding of the version!相关的主题文章: