Double "eleven" for "two morning express little brother ultra wide overload" punished Modern Express News (correspondent reporter Wang Rui Zeng Celi) double "eleven" to just 6 minutes, the turnover of the 10 billion winter, conceal the public online shopping enthusiasm. The next period of time is definitely express little brother busy most of the time, but the 11 11 April morning, both the delivery of the courier for electric cars illegal loading was fined. At 7:30 in the morning, two electric bicycles carrying a large cargo in Longpan road by Nanjing Traffic Police Brigade police stopped. Take a closer look, the cargo stack on the electric car reached 2.1 meters, the width is also close to 1.1 meters, it is simply a moving small hills. In the slow lane, the car behind the two cars complain incessantly illegal cargo of electric vehicle, the front sight was completely blocked the goods. Part of the rear electric car owners even angry to the traffic police said, "you don’t care?" Isn’t that fine?" Traffic police certainly will not turn a blind eye, according to "Nanjing non motor vehicle management measures", electric bicycle load weight can not exceed 30 kilograms, height from the ground can not exceed 1.5 meters, width can not exceed the handle, the length can not exceed the body. Electric bicycles illegally carrying objects, traffic police will impose a penalty of 20 yuan on illegal vehicles according to law. Modern Express reporter was informed that the police followed the law of the two express little brother were punished. At the same time, the traffic police also remind the owners of electric vehicles, illegal loading on the one hand, the impact of vehicle sight, but also affects the ride in control of your own, when the accident happened more goods scattered a big security risk, hope that the majority of the public friends to comply with traffic rules, civilized travel.

双“十一”一早 两快递小哥就因“超宽超载”受罚   现代快报讯(通讯员 曾策力 记者 王瑞)双“十一”刚到,6分钟就成交了100亿,寒冬难掩市民的网购热情。接下来这段时间肯定是快递小哥最忙的时间,不过11月11日早上,两位送货的快递员就因为电动车违规载物受了罚。   早上7点30分,两辆电动自行车装载了大量的货物在龙蟠中路被南京交警一大队的民警拦下。仔细一看,电动车上的货物堆的高度达到了2.1米,宽度也接近1.1米,简直就是一个移动的小山丘。在慢车道里面,跟在两辆违规载货的电动车后面的车辆叫苦不迭,前方视线完全被货物挡住。部分后方的电动车车主甚至愤怒的对交警说,“这你们不管管吗?这难道不要罚款吗?”   交警当然不会视而不见,根据《南京市非机动车管理办法》,电动车自行车载货重量不能超过30公斤,高度从地面起不能超过1.5米,宽度不能超过车把,长度不能超过车身。电动自行车违规载物的,交警将依法对违法车辆处以20元的罚款。现代快报记者获悉,交警随后依法对两个快递小哥进行了处罚。   同时,交警也在此提醒电动车车主,违规载物一方面影响后车视线,同时也影响自己的骑车操控,发生事故时货物散落更有很大的安全隐患,希望广大的市民朋友能够遵守交通规则,文明出行。相关的主题文章: