Don’t talk to friends Aipi ruthless Zhao Liying: black is a package Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on September 25th, mainland actress Zhao Liying starred in "flower and bone" burst of red, sweet appearance and superb acting won the fans love. Since her debut in the opening of micro-blog has 40 million fans tracking, upload a picture can appear on micro-blog hot search, in addition to win the positive evaluation, also seen a lot of network bad reviews, Frank her 25 respondents said "black is a kind of package, rarely open to talk about the mood in the face of negative comments. Zhao Liying in "Lu Zhen legend" to play the female, then when a Cinderella does not rely on the rich boyfriend in Shanshan "come", "2015" interpretation of beautiful flower and bone mentoring love, 2016 works surge, launched the "old nine door", "Yun Zhi", "rouge" etc.. While many men of God like her "harvester", and every male star together was at the bowl "together", which she first said "don’t ask me which one I love most, my God is my broker, I appreciate each." She believes that as an actor, and has been criticized in the cycle, as well his acting, to speak with the works, "I will carefully shaping the role, let them see, let them take me to the last of these is no longer a problem." The 28 year old Zhao Liying screen image can be flexible to play the myriads of changes, but also very fierce, anthomaniac, Huang Bin described "off screen by the broker to live in their own world". She interviewed attitude has always been calm, has been criticized for difficult and difficult to chat, especially his early is said to participate in the ceremony is not ugly, winning message "slowly", but criticized "speak", she described the negative comment "it becomes us to a" package "forward, want to go. You must experience this package, no experience is not in progress, is our fast growing way." At the same time do not deny that there is a collapse, can not stop because of other people’s words, I chose to work hard for the dream, so I chose to ignore these things." Zhao Liying’s friend Qiao Renliang before the suicide death, she did not speak at micro-blog, at that time caused some netizens criticized mercilessly "what a friend", the official micro-blog influx of nearly 300 thousand. But she finally still is not issued, "everyone sad is not the same, so I don’t want to micro-blog through this way to express my mood", later in the drama press conference choked tears Biao, lonely to attend the farewell ceremony, friends last stage in their own way to send.相关的主题文章: