Business Make sure you have everything in place before you start looking for someone by number. Checking off this list will ensure that you don’t waste a bunch of time later on as you begin searching. These are the seven most .mon mistakes people make when looking for someone using a phone or cell phone: Mistake 1 Make sure the number is right. It’s amazing how many times I’ve tried to do a reverse lookup on a phone number, gotten results, followed up on those results, and gone through all that trouble only to find out that I had the wrong phone number to start with. Frustrating! Make sure you’ve got the number written down right, especially if you were given it by voice (in person or over the phone). Always double-check numbers by repeating them back to whomever gave them to you to search. Mistake 2 Failure to Google. Amazingly, this great search engine is under-utilized by most investigators and law enforcement personnel. Many times a simple Google search for a telephone number nets results quicker than any other method. Since Google is my default (home) web page on my web browser, it’s right there in front of me most of the time I’m doing a search anyway. May as well try it! Mistake 3 Use quotations. Did you remember to put quotations around the phone number and eliminate any punctuation (dashes or parenthesis) when you Googled it? Mistake 4 Did you try WhitePages..? This great website is my hub for phone searches. They look through all the phone books in the nation almost instantly for the number you give them. Much easier than thumbing through them one at a time yourself. Don’t you think? Mistake 5 Try a second reverse lookup. If WhitePages.. has not returned the result you are after, try another reverse lookup engine like reversedirectory.langenberg.. and see if they have got a better result. This one gives you access to lots of search engines at once, which might give you more results. Mistake 6 Have you called the number yourself? Calling the number directly to see who answers seems pretty obvious, but this trick is often overlooked by even the professionals. Make sure to be discreet and to call from a phone they cannot caller ID or will not recognize. Mistake Seven Giving up before you dial 0. Calling the operator is not always fruitful, but if you’re stuck and need a lead, you might be able to get something out of the phone .pany. Unlisted numbers are usually best found this way, but prying the information out of the phone .pany may not be easy. Sweet talk the operator a little and try to get them to spill a little, even if it’s not all the information, it might be enough to get you started. These are the seven early warning signz that you are about to make a mistake when you are looking for someone using a phone number. Cover these bases and you will find who you are looking for! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: