Distressed! Deng Chao, Du Haitao and other stars were kichiku spoof entertainment Sohu – recently, a RAP Divine Comedy "eighty-eight" circulated on the Internet, Deng Chao, Chi Chung Lam and other stars Haitao, brutally spoof style, ghost livestock can not stop. The Divine Comedy Video first circulated in the station kichiku area in B, micro-blog is well-known blogger Onono Imoko Tucao Bachu give us spiritual pollution, micro-blog became popular. "Recall special vest", "I was a little embarrassed monarch" onlookers, have said "a bit of poisoning, brainwashing as much as the" Jiangnan leather factory closed down ". The Divine Comedy "eighty-eight" on the popular micro-blog song video production, Up moved out of the star "at all times and in all countries ghost livestock family bucket". In addition to the prime minister Zhuge and the king of the division apprentice kichiku friends dialogue, Buddhist monk and Jackie Chan "stunt" power play, "PDD in Hsuan Hsuan" and Kangxi’s "heart lung intestines sun" expression emperor Liang Yifeng, a bright spot, swimming coach Chen Maopeng, brother Liu Xing, extraordinary Tiande pool Chihua, 100 yuan brother, pack adult kichiku etc. all star has strong debut. PDD "in Hsuan Hsuan" style but a turn, suddenly ushered in the Deng Chao and Du Haitao "B station" of a public entertainment star, MC and stone "legend. Bring you love", Huang Zitao’s "a knife 88 not easily dog" there is no sense of violation and Amway game…… Netizens said impossible to guard against. MC stone "legend. Bring you love" from the spoof content, the song "eighty-eight" the Divine Comedy MAD’s inspiration comes from the recent major website refresh "legend br" "88 level" advertisement. Appeared in the contract half of the entertainment market, the star of the ads, but also not surprisingly turned out to be the main Up spoof. Deng Chao "eighty-eight class" in the RAP BGM rhythm with wind, hear game Deng Chaonian "the legend of PA, PA, PA, Br", netizens said just want to laugh. A knife 88, grade 88 and other ghost lines, the host CP Du Haitao, read out of the Shen Mengchen, there is a strong feeling of joy. Gaming God Sky saying "Hello, I’m Sky" greetings come to touch. Chi Chung Lam that "game player on-line is cut", "ask you dare" twitch, a spoof of the minute Cong style comedy humor and "Webpage Game God" domineering. "Chi Chung Lam asked you dare" micro-blog blogger "I am a little embarrassed monarch" admiring the divine comedy creation talented, can not help Tucao, everyone is a respected person, so UP spoof really good? "In addition to the appearance of stars, many netizens also found a surprise". In the video Chi Chung Lam "bald fat" image, like in "runaway big event" in "idiotic advertising" Tang Ma Ru, many kichiku old driver even once played the "flying legend br" advertising video material, that is the early Tang Maru works, it is accidental. "Legend" in the Chi Chung Lam Tang Maru advertising. At the end of the video released gold director.相关的主题文章: