The NDRC on improving property rights protection system: strict government promises original title: let "extra persons perseverance" – the national development and Reform Commission is responsible for the interpretation of perfect property protection system of Xinhua News Agency reporter Lin Hui, Anbei, Chen Weiwei property rights system is the basis for the effective operation of the socialist market economy. For 27, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on improving the protection of property rights system in accordance with the law to protect property rights, the national development and Reform Commission official told the Xinhua News Agency reporters interview. The property right system is the cornerstone of the socialist market economy A: improving the property rights protection system is the inherent requirement of improving the socialist market economic system. To improve the socialist market economy, we must uphold and improve the basic economic system of public ownership as the main body, the common development of multi ownership economy, unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development. Property rights is the core of ownership, the protection of property rights is the basis of the implementation of the two "unwavering". With the deepening of reform and opening-up, public ownership, common development of multi ownership economy pattern is formed basically, all kinds of capital flows, restructuring and integration have become increasingly frequent, all kinds of property rights are required to have the perfect protection system for the protection of property rights. To perfect the system of property rights protection is a realistic need to create good expectations and enhance social confidence. At present, China’s economic development has entered a new normal, economic growth shift, structural adjustment pains, new and old kinetic energy conversion intertwined, economic downward pressure. Under the condition of socialist market economy, it is necessary to stabilize the social expectations and enhance social confidence in order to deal with all kinds of challenges effectively and maintain the long-term, sustained and healthy development of the economy. To do this, the protection of property rights is particularly critical. Persons perseverance, no does not have perseverance. Perfecting the system of property rights protection is an important measure to promote social equity and justice. Fairness is the core principle of property rights protection. The equal and effective protection of the citizens’ property rights is the basic connotation and important embodiment of social equity and justice. With the rapid development of China’s economy and society, the social wealth has been accumulated and expanded, and the middle income groups have been expanding day by day. We must strengthen the protection of all economic organizations and natural person property rights, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, protection of citizens property rights and benefits of innovation in accordance with the law, enhance people’s sense of security and property wealth, create a fair and equitable social environment. Focus on solving the outstanding issues of property rights protection: what are the key issues to be addressed? A: first, the equal protection of property rights and legitimate rights and interests of all types of ownership. China’s constitution and the law has clear provisions on the protection of property rights, but due to historical reasons, there are still some provisions of the legal system and law enforcement in judicial practice of different ownership of property rights protection is not the same, on the one hand, the loss of state-owned assets still exist, on the other hand, the protection of non public ownership is weaker than that of the public especially the protection state owned property rights. Relevant legislation should be adjusted and perfected in accordance with the standard of "equal protection"相关的主题文章: