The Commission is studying the drafting of guidelines for the economic development of China share securities network reporter in September 14th from the national development and Reform Commission, for the further implementation of "Internet plus" action to promote the sharing of the healthy and rapid development of economy, the day before, the national development and Reform Commission Department of high tech industry organization held a forum to facilitate the sharing of healthy and rapid economic development ", the related departments to share the views of the economy and suggestions on the development of. Deputy director Sun Wei presided over the meeting, the NDRC drafted the "sharing economy development guide" (Draft) and the main content of the basic situation, and how to share the economic development to create a good environment, strengthen policy support and supervision services, and various departments carried out in-depth discussion. Previously published China share economic development report 2016 shows that the next five years is expected to share the average annual growth rate of the economy will be about 40%, by 2020 the proportion of the size of the economy to share GDP will reach more than. In 2015, China’s share of the economic market size of about 19560 yuan (including turnover of 18100 yuan, the amount of financing 146 billion yuan), mainly concentrated in the financial, life services, transportation, production capacity, knowledge and skills, short rental housing and other six areas. The report also predicted that the next ten years, China’s share of the economy is expected to emerge from the 5 to 10 giant platform companies, and even change the current pattern of domestic internet. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: