Department of Dermatology, Lin Xiaoqing: infantile eczema what thing – as the summer Sohu maternal leave, bleak the arrival of autumn, in the pediatric outpatient in the pathogenesis of infantile eczema rate increased gradually. Baby eczema, in many doctors think is atopic dermatitis in infancy, mainly occurred in the 2 months after birth to within 1 years, mainly for facial erythema, papules, papulovesicles, scaly, exudation and crusting, rash can be extended to other parts of the body, with obvious itching. In the director’s parenting fan group, relative to the symptoms of childhood eczema, many mothers said they are more concerned about the scientific care of children with eczema. According to Lin Xiaoqing Department of Dermatology doctors, nursing from children with eczema to wash the basic necessities of life ". Clothing: underwear to wear cotton, will not stimulate the skin; food: do not need fast, unless explicitly found a food allergy, do not eat the food, otherwise can eat; live: far away from pollen and dust and other places, such as northern dry weather, the need to use a humidifier, the humidity control in 50 ~ 60%; for as little as possible to pollen and other irritants in many places; wash: in the shower, try not to use alkaline detergent, water temperature control in 35 ~ 37 degrees, bath time control in ten minutes, 3 minutes after bathing with nahma moisturizing cream, can apply to 2 3 times a day, the thickness should be enough to achieve effective moisturizing. In addition, the director of the Department of child care fans in the fever, there are many mothers tangled in eczema and how to perform the diagnosis? Eczema in the end can not cure ah? What are the daily scientific care of eczema? Please pay attention to have a fever director lecture twelfth parenting "infantile eczema those things", then we will invite you Xiaoqing Doctor Lin Department of Dermatology lectures and answering questions. In September 21st 19:30-20:30, together with our large lecture twelfth parenting have a fever director WeChat fans live, Be There Or Be Square oh! The main contents of the 1 lecture: the etiology, clinical manifestations and prevention of infantile eczema, 2, diagnosis and drug treatment of 3 infantile eczema, infantile eczema lecture time: September 21st 19:30-20:30 lecture: speech + image registration: add micro signal [raiingxxr] registration, according to the prompts doctor Lin Xiaoqing, micro-blog, Sina sign from the media to ask the doctor is now a consultant, the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University Fujian Branch Department of Dermatology physician, graduated from Fujian Medical University, specializes in allergic skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, facial skin diseases such as acne cosmetics, skin diseases, fungal skin diseases such as psoriasis, tinea pedis, tinea capitis, syphilis, condyloma, gonorrhea etc..相关的主题文章: