Love to male a net swims for 15 years now the whole service only one person he is online game after entering the Internet age, many people used to entertainment to pass the time, however, an online game, you can play how long? A netizen in Taiwan PTT gossip board said, "Jin Yong legend" Online played for 15 years, now only he still play a game player. The friends said, he is more dedicated Indoorsman, playing online games is not much, but not love with plug-in, no money hit, are pure hand, including a play for 15 years to play the way he never abandon, only a person walking. He has heard that many successful people have said that everything must be maintained, and that it will be yours. Confirm the users accept media interview, this game is indeed the "Heroes" Jin Yong Online, currently in the game or city inn, or other hanging motionless in a handful of cases is game player, someone will speak in the game world channel, the game will hand in field, practice, only he is a. The "Jin Yong Online" heroes and friends for 15 years, he became one of the stand-alone game. (Figure / parties) it is understood that the "Jin Yong Online" legend is a very ancient martial arts game, launched in 2001, when the 128MB memory +Win 98 can play. Some users see the post surprised to the game is still in operation! There are users commented that this online game is now you play to change the single, the manufacturer said thank you, tomorrow will turn off the server, Internet era tears ah". What are the memories of online games? May wish to share with you. Happy together! The female anchor and forgot to turn off the camera (Photos)相关的主题文章: