Travel-and-Leisure Since our erstwhile Prime Minister the Honourable Rajeev Gandhi ji played a big role in popularizing .puters in India. Against a lot of trade unionism he introduced .puters in the working of the various government bodies. This acted as a catalyst in the growth of the .puter industry. A huge section of our population has gravitated towards this industry. This has seen various places in India to evolve as hubs of I.T like Bangalore Hyderabad and Gurgaon. Gurgaon as its name suggests was earlier a large village on the suburbs of Delhi. Its value was predominantly only being close to Delhi. In the past decade or so Gurgaon is evolving every day and has be.e the happening place in India where everyday sees changes and growth. It has be.e the head quarters of a large number of Multinational .panies. New Malls are opening everyday skyscrapers .e where there was nothing. This stupendous growth has seen a massive influx of population which needs all supporting infrastructural growth. As per the necessity of this vast population with good paying capacity flats, Hotels, Guest houses and bed and breakfast joints have .e up. A major necessity fuelled by the Human resources departments of these modern .panies are picnic spots/ team building amenities. As they realize that the more satisfied and better human resources they have their assets are in better hands. Damdama Lake which is in Gurgaon district itself and earlier being used by campers as camping grounds for students and a few families for picnics. But with the fast development of Gurgaon this quaint place started getting discovered by the H.R. departments of various .panies. Damdama Lake is the largest lake in Haryana. This water body offering the ambience for a beautiful picnic spot started evolving at a fast pace and the major player amongst them became a resort called Dream Island. This place has evolved as an ethnic resort. The village styled cottages and rooms mesh with the surroundings smoothly without creating any disturbance in nature. The location of Dream Island across the span of water adds another charm to it where one has to travel by boat to reach the resort. This natural and eco friendly atmosphere has further been enhanced by adding eco friendly activities to it. Various activities derived from the army obstacle course and mountaineering courses have been introduced to provide a touch of adventure and thrill to ones outing whether for the day or night. The swimming pool and rain dance add a touch of pleasure to the outing. Dream Island originally a campsite is now providing excellent cuisine in North Indian food, Chinese and continental dishes satisfying the palate and taste of various kinds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: