Good father! Father sent her daughter 1 tickets had hit 38 million 930 thousand – her every day after received 6000 yuan recently, according to foreign media reports, from the United States – Manar (Manalle Earnhardt) Ms. Earnhardt because father donated 1 lottery tickets and lucky won the highest award in North Carolina, "lucky life" lottery. She can choose a lump sum of $5 million 750 thousand (about 38 million 930 thousand yuan) bonus, or the rest of my life every day to receive 1000 dollars (about 6810 yuan), each year can get 2 million 480 thousand yuan. She finally chose to receive this life stage, can be said that lottery "contract". It is reported that Maner in the United States as a "lucky life" lottery prize winning rate is only 3080 to 1/10000, the rate is lower than the Lotto jackpot, this is the first note first prize in the state of North carolina. According to the rules, at least 20 years can guarantee payment award to the winner and its successors, which means Maner can at least after receiving $7 million 280 thousand (about RMB 49 million 590 thousand) bonus. Maner is only 39 years old this year, with the increase of time, the total prize money of 30 years after she won will reach $10 million 900 thousand (about RMB 74 million 240 thousand), after 40 years of $14 million 600 thousand (about RMB 99 million 450 thousand). But Maner said, after talking about winning, this note is not to buy their own lottery prize, but my father gave my brother and her gift. This is the old habits of her father, but she never thought of winning. "He is very keen gambling, also want to see us like him." Although Maner never placed the lottery ticket in the heart, but her father always help her mind. Early in the day, father’s phone to wake sleeping daughter. At first Maner thought that there are bad things happen, never thought his father was to remind her to check the lottery. Although some complaints, but when Maner saw the award, or when one of stunned! The number in front of me, but I just couldn’t help myself where doubt is not wrong, how is it possible?" In the crossing, Maner phoned her husband, then returned to the veterans medical rehabilitation center alone, that is where she worked for 10 years. Although life has been protected, but Maner was going to work. She said their love now very eager to return to the veterans. But also let her winning no menace from the rear, do not have to worry about retirement. There is a bonus support, two children are on the University home can get good care. In addition to Maner, the most happy person is her father Jameel (Jamil Isbanioly), "I’m really happy for her, this is I give children the best gift." (learn)

厉害了爹!父亲送女儿1张彩票竟命中3893万-图 玛娜尔以后每天可领到6000元   近日据外媒报道,来自美国的玛娜尔-伊恩哈德女士(Manalle Earnhardt)因为父亲赠送的1张彩票而幸运获得北卡罗来纳州“幸运人生”彩票的最高奖。她可以选择一次性领取575万美元(约合人民币3893万元)奖金,亦或者余生每天领取1000美元(约合人民币6810元),即每年可获得人民币248万。而她最后选择了分期领取,这一生可以说是让彩票“承包”了。   据悉玛娜尔所中的为美国“幸运人生”彩票,头奖中奖率仅为3080万分之一,比大乐透的中奖率还要低,此次也是北卡罗来纳州中出的首注头奖。根据规则,大奖至少可以保证发放20年给中奖者及其继承人,这也就意味着玛娜尔至少可领完728万美元(约合人民币4959万)奖金。而玛娜尔今年只有39岁,随着时间的增长,30年后她能获得的奖金总额将达到1090万美元(约合人民币7424万),40年后为1460万美元(约合人民币9945万)。   不过谈起中奖经过,玛娜尔透露,这注大奖彩票并不是自己购买,而是父亲赠送给她与哥哥的礼物。这也是她父亲的老习惯了,不过她从来没有想过中奖。“他非常热衷买彩,也希望看到我们像他一样。”   虽然玛娜尔从没将彩票放在心上,可是她的父亲时刻帮她惦记着。这天一早,父亲的电话就把熟睡中的女儿吵醒。玛娜尔起初以为有不好的事情发生,没想到父亲竟只是提醒她要核对一下彩票。虽然有些怨言,但当玛娜尔看到奖号一一对上时还是惊呆了!“号码就在我眼前,但我就是忍不住怀疑是不是自己哪里看错了,这怎么可能?”   在缓过神来后,玛娜尔打电话通知自己的丈夫,然后独自回到了退伍军人医疗康复中心,那是她工作了10年的地方。虽然人生已经有了保障,可玛娜尔打算继续工作。她表示自己非常热爱现在的工作,渴望回报那些退伍老兵。而且中奖也让她没有了后顾之忧,不必再担心退休后的日子。有了奖金的支持,家里正在上大学的两个孩子也能得到很好的照顾。除了玛娜尔以外,最高兴的人应该就是她的父亲贾米尔(Jamil Isbanioly),“我真为她感到高兴,这是我给孩子们最好的一件礼物。”(好学)相关的主题文章: