Cui Jian drink Yellow Wine play rock, Shaoxing MIDI Music Festival – Sohu China tourism rock father – Cui Jian, Shaoxing! He did things very Niubi — drink Shaoxing wine to play rock, the scene lit! " drunk in the Jiangnan.2016 Shaoxing MIDI music festival " is a part of the twenty-second session of the Shaoxing Yellow Wine Festival ", Shaoxing wine + rock, and will play new tricks like? This wine has a Shaoxing ancient historical and cultural city, into the rock elements of young people, is the cultural collision like? The Shaoxing division of refined and cultured man, rock up hi up? No. 6, No. 7, 2 days of " drunk in the Jiangnan.2016 Shaoxing MIDI music festival, " many of the red rock industry network and strength to sing. The most popular long-awaited finale guest is called "Chinese rock" the father of Cui Jian! Super lineup in this, your favorite band? "MIDI Music Festival" (Midi Festival) was founded by China underground rock band birthplace – Beijing MIDI music school of the first original music festival, after more than and 10 years of development, has become one of the most famous brand of modern music. There are dozens of domestic and foreign well-known band was invited to participate in the performance of every year, tens of thousands more fanatical fans from all over the country pour in. As a banner Chinese rock, MIDI music festival has stepped across the flag today, on both sides of the Changjiang River, to float in the city of Shaoxing Metro Di Dang Mei Long lake. The music festival by the Shaoxing Festival, South Chinese Yellow Wine group and Beijing MIDI music school sponsored. Unlike in previous years, located in the outskirts of the City Music Festival held in Shaoxing, the MIDI site is located in the center of Shaoxing, in the town of Mei Di Dang Tang, Dragon Lake, the Warring States period, many children three performances will bring more modern decorative elements for contemporary music culture of the ancient city of Shaoxing. Relying on the Shaoxing Yellow Wine industry, in the field of Shaoxing MIDI music festival, the organizers launched the "Yellow Wine popsicle, Yellow Wine tea and Yellow Wine products, attracted fans to taste the darkening sky, show more and more wonderful shining star, Cui Jian debut. The audience shouted "Cui Jian, NB! Cui Jian, NB!" This girl named NB let fly me, suddenly have a fan meeting after Shaoxing wine illusion on stage to play the rock Cui Jian, directly to the atmosphere to ignite! In a few times before rock music festival, people worry too crowded interaction hi collide, so no slr. Full use of mobile phones to take pictures and video. Quality of slag slag, but still can feel the atmosphere of Taiwan on the field is the world’s best rock, Taiwan is the flame of passion, hi to the extreme is simply in a warm fire in the music of Cui Jian in the end what kind of magic? Let the scene million people flying mood radiant " drunk in the southern.2016 Shaoxing MIDI music festival in " Cui Jian ending ended after the finish, enthusiasm remains unabated.L相关的主题文章: