Marketing When the global economy goes into recession, the governments in the world need to resuscitate the economy back to health. Current economic crisis has confirmed this particular fact. Governments across the globe are implementing the bailout programs. Here is the million dollar question; is it the failure of the capitalistic system of economy? Actually, it is not the failure of the Capitalism. But it is the on-set of a much awaited and overdue transformation. Corporate transformation is inevitable after a period of fast growth, as the whole system needs to be restructured. There is a severe flaw in the economic system around the world. The system exists simply because the people trust this system. This trust in the system can be understood by a very simple analogy. The value of one 100 dollar currency note remains only till its owner trusts the value. Otherwise a 100 dollar note is simply a piece of printed paper. People invest their hard earned money and invest in the corporate system, merely because of their faith in the system. The on-going corporate damage has shaken peoples confidence in the system. So the first step towards restructuring the system is to restore the lost faith. The system should be restructured in a manner in order for the people to regain faith in the system. Every corporate sector should be accountable to the whole economic system. This is because the collapse of one corporate sector leads to a series of collateral damages; as all the sectors are in a way interlinked with each other. For instance, in the current scenario, the collapse of the financial sector has triggered a collateral damage to the other sectors of the economy. In the restructured version of the economy, the government of any country should act as the overseer of its whole economic system. This does not mean that in the restructured system the Capitalism would be modified into a new form of Socialism. Actually, it means that in the transformed system the government should act prior to the on-set of any critical situation, rather than helplessly waiting for any adversity to knock the door. The government should ensure corporate accountability towards the shareholders interests. A .pany should be accountable to every individual who has invested his money in the .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: