College counselors late name new students need to pass the handheld toothbrush photo original title: college counselors curfew tactics, students are required to transfer photos "heard hold the toothbrush photos later name, not heard but also took pictures of the toothbrush." After the return of the Mid Autumn Festival, the first college of justice, Wuchang, 15 electrical professional students, received a counselor Zhao Qian’s new requirements for the late name of 190. It is understood that the new professional late name way: in the late time, the students in the bedroom door, hold the toothbrush, self pictures, then send the photos to the class group. In this regard, the initiator, pattern name of the late in the Department of electrical professional counselor Zhao Qian said, she is a move for 95 after the student love figure fresh, "now many colleges and universities network late, I just put on the basis of creative. Moreover, the toothbrush is a daily necessities, so that students take a toothbrush to take pictures they have no reason to refuse." Zhao Qian’s idea of the late name also received a student evaluation. Student Zeng Jin said, the feeling is a psychological counselor, I and my classmates to support this call." Source: AFP editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: