Chinese more aimed at the high-end tourism market in Beihai low altitude aviation tourism project in the new network for sailing – helicopter ready to fly. Chen Yan photo Beijing, Beihai, September 20, September 20th (Chen Yan), with the roar of the helicopter propeller, Guangxi Beihai helicopter tourism project successfully, will fill the gaps in the local high-end air travel, to create "the sea" three-in-one tourism system. The project is put into use helicopter Robinson R44, the aircraft is mainly used for aerial sightseeing, aerial photography, aerial inspections, emergency rescue, luxury wedding photography and other related businesses. This low altitude sightseeing project by Beihai Shipping Co. Ltd and Beijing Lin Mei navigation Co. Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the common development of general aviation in Guangxi. In the morning, Robinson R44 appeared, the presence of the public and tourists around it, stop taking pictures. 4 models are small and exquisite, the design of a large area surrounded by glass viewing window, cabin vision, many people rush into the advanced cabin early adopters". Prior to September 8th, Beihai Shipping Company Limited has been in Nanning Air Force Base Command ATC and air force flight control room at the Suixi Railway Station, Zhanjiang civil aviation air traffic control station control operation Department, Beihai civil aviation control room Airport Inc signed the ATC security agreement, has been completely opened. Beihai shipping limited company chairman Xu Daping introduction, the company strictly in accordance with the general aviation standards for the construction of a sound security system, a maintenance department, shipping department, flight department, operation Department, security department, safety supervision office, comprehensive office and other departments at the same time, many security operations, and related personnel are trained. "Every time we fly through the approval of the implementation of the regulatory authority, we have every flight security." Xu Daping said, after the conditions are ripe, the company will set up in the northern Gulf landing point, the Silver Beach in Beihai, Weizhou Island construction aircraft landing point on the water, according to the market demand more models, air law enforcement and emergency rescue in public security, customs, maritime and other departments in. According to reports, the company’s first phase of the project has been completed in the Beihai Park Bo park headquarters and the construction of the Silver Beach landing point. Construction of the Weizhou Island Silver Beach landing point and the landing point of the water jet is also rapidly advancing. Xu Daping said, have a great role in promoting the completion of the project to enhance the Beihai tourism brand, to create a three-dimensional sea and air travel service system, but also the formation of urban and rural areas covering the landing point network layout, to create a new name card of Beihai city services. At the same time, to assist the government in emergency rescue, disaster relief, to protect people’s lives and property safety has played a positive role. In recent years, China’s general aviation industry has developed rapidly, with its unique geographical advantages, in-depth excavation of the local tourism potential, rich tourism products. Prior to July, the black dragon river urn Jiangnan helicopter air tour project, Jilin Changbai Mountain aviation travel project, "Air Tour" of Hubei Yichang low altitude tourism projects, Ningxia Yanchi characteristics of aviation tourism projects have been run through the examination and verification of the flight, have been part of the project in full swing or positive)相关的主题文章: