China is saying that a good Chinese story to send out the voice of China – Sohu Entertainment China is saying that the Chinese point of praise Sohu entertainment news to tell a good story in China, issued a Chinese voice. Tonight (November 4th) 21:10, Southeast TV effort to build a large lecture class program "Chinese is said" will be officially unveiled at the screen, for Chinese praise! "China is said" in the content mainly in four aspects, namely the Chinese vivid practice of Marx’s belief, China socialist road, China Communist Party governance the system model and China people self-reliance struggle, to explore how the theory of scientific socialism Chinese logic and social development history with logic, out of a road Chinese socialism, is a banner of distinctive political programs. "China is said" TV open class form, make the propaganda of the mainstream ideology of people, can become silent. The program mainly through two types of guests to show China’s road confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence. The first guests in the ideological and cultural fields to make a contribution, they have strong cultural consciousness, devoted to the reflection and criticism of "western center theory" and "the end of history", and actively explore the China Road, China model, Chinese long-term changes in the cultural thought of "brainwashed" situation. Their efforts for the Chinese road and the Chinese model, in the domestic and international two public opinion field won the initiative. Second guests, in the production and social activities, they through self-reliance and hard work, broke the monopoly, creating different from the Western model China miracle, Chinese changed and the appearance of the world, to enhance the domestic people and the people of the world Chinese confidence in the future. The main theme is "the pulse of the times" China topic closely the pulse of the times, is the discussion of the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height of national development path, mode, policy, and every Chinese life, more related to people for cognitive system identification and value of the country, is also highly down to earth. Speakers lineup "Chinese is said" speakers for experts, scholars, and the top Chinese social outstanding representative, they will tell their stories and share their ideas, views and feelings in the program. A profound theoretical basis and rich practical experience, which makes the speech perception and rationality coexist; excellent personality charm and have a large number of cases, the speech data have enough persuasion and influence, let you feel the full power of thought. Audience interaction to stimulate the wisdom of the truth, the more the debate. In order to avoid the "What I say goes.", "China is said" each of the programs are targeted for the audience in the FAQ, collision and idea of confrontation, the real value of the sound is spread out, is our "Chinese road", "Chinese model" is not lack of self confidence attitude. Under the new situation, how to lead a clear-cut public opinion; great change, how innovative ideas, content and form? China is trying to give a powerful answer. Speak good Chinese story, Chinese sound. China is saying, praise for china!相关的主题文章: