Sports-and-Recreation China has a history of thousands of martial arts, Guangxi old times, ancient martial arts masters men, more and Shandong Heze Guiping, Xingtai, Hebei and Foshan, Guangzhou, China, four martial arts village and said, showing the strong mass base of local martial arts. For the people, martial arts, martial arts is not only a way of keeping fit loved, but also a self-improvement, and constantly challenge yourself beyond your own. Declaration on the challenge of the evening, after Hayes, when the host asked if anyone dares to fight, the audience burst into a "dare" answer, and even the audience to judge from the size of the fighting style of Chuck Hayes, that can beat the big man, Guangxi Folk Canglongwohu visible. Into the light: a small piece of paper is mainly a small tool bar, such as the break out at any time to look at to remind myself to pay attention to what. As for Mourinho, I is not really very much appreciate, he stressed the approach is too quick success, may be a short-term results, but once he left the team for the someone else is necessary to reinvent the wheel, in this respect I tend to Barcelona that the concept of inheritance from the previous Cruyff, Van Gaal, Frank Rijkaard to Guardiola is now came to be along the same path. Is a coincidence that, when the sun’s playoffs, Tim Duncan hit the ball that is three-pointers to help the Spurs into extra time, so Neil Duncan can definitely be PK. However, recall the life-saving one-third of Neil, "Stone Buddha" or worried for him to sweat. Neil after the operation in a step before the ball shots, which also made the pitch, "Stone Buddha" Duncan shifted in their seats. "He was only 1.7 seconds, but he only shot one step operation." Duncan said after the game, "I was thinking, ‘you’d better vote ah’." Proved, Neil does have a big heart, said Neil : "I feel good, in the take-off when I feel good, I’ll follow your heart, the ball finally into." Tony – Parker (Tony Parker) confirmed he will attend on behalf of the French team this summer in Lithuania at the European Championship. "I will go to the European Championships this summer." Parker said, "I long to starting debut. We have a good team, I have had exchanges with teammates who are motivated and are ready. I am The game was very exciting team. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: