Children learn painting should learn knowledge of beauty and expression of Sohu "children’s painting, mother is the child’s words" — "beauty" Pavilion "one American children’s art education experts see Chinese children paintings once said: Europe and the United States children’s painting feel very relaxed, that painting is willing in paintings, and see China children feel very beautiful, very professional painting, can see China children in painting must be very hard, very tired! This sentence should lead to reflection of our Chinese art educators, children’s art education abroad, we lack is a childlike innocence, always with professional standards to guide children’s painting creation, original creation is always by the utilitarian vision about children’s art, we carry on children’s art education is not to cultivate art skilled professionals, but cultivate children’s cognitive ability of living art by guiding children’s creative arts, cultivate children found in the United States, the ability to create beauty." — Chen Danqing in the art professional, easy to line, shape, color and texture, space and other basic elements of art as the outline, from the perspective of nature with art works of interactive games, to guide children to learn. Through observation, touch, explore the development of children’s perception of the ability to experience the difference between different material texture. Through the appreciation of the works of famous artists, open up the thinking and vision, try to multi expression and form. In the children’s painting psychology, easy to learn and use the child’s picture is like a encrypted password, they have clear expression, and we cannot understand. Therefore, the correct interpretation of children’s works and give a positive response, is the best way to maintain their interest in writing. In the teaching materials, we present the basic characteristics and universal law of children’s psychological growth. At the same time to help you judge the sensitive period of each child specific and recent developments in the area, let everyone in accordance with their aptitude, personality of each child’s unique combination of teaching, fully respect each child’s innate. From the aesthetic education of children, "beauty" is composed of lines, graphics, composition, color and other basic elements, when children understand these, will become a feeling of beauty, create beauty. From the children’s painting psychology, these elements only carrier, through these vectors, we can walk into their inner world, to understand their cognition and perception of the world, to develop through the correct interaction and enhance the ability of. The ability of feeling beauty and creating beauty comes from our subjective cognition and thinking system, and it is not a simple skill. Every child is a born artist, so long as they maintain their interest in the creation of an environment of continuous exploration, practice, and practice, they are able to possess these abilities. Parents know that children’s language development is needed over time, even at 3 years old, have mastered the vocabulary, but for the true meaning of words, the use of such methods, just stay on the surface. At the same time, restricted by the development of the brain thinking, a lot of inner thoughts, feelings and emotions, such as complex feelings, there is no way to accurately, smooth expression. Even when we are adults, we often think that we have nothing to say".相关的主题文章: