Chen Guangbiao said 99% donations: two hundred dealers conference did not reply to a question escorting recommend reading   Chen Guangbiao: he never cut the stomach is owed to the bank and friends penny   Chen Guangbiao opened the conference to respond to cut the stomach to lose weight: the body does not have any scars in place: Chen Guangbiao said 99% donated two hundred dealers escorting conference, did not reply to a question Chen Guangbiao held a press conference in the Nanjing, in response to the donation, "the richest man or the first lie" and other reports questioned. Editor Dragon King (01:26) Chen Guangbiao responded to the media questioned the conference, in a hurry to end confusion. The riot on September 23rd at 9:30 in the morning, Chen Guangbiao in the Nanjing company — Whampoa  disaster prevention training center held a news conference to respond to the "cut stomach weight", "the richest man or the first lie" and other reports questioned. Chen Guangbiao said at the press conference, the relevant reports, hearsay malicious slander, to Jiangsu Whampoa  renewable resources limited and Chen Guangbiao brought a bad influence. Chen Guangbiao at the press conference. Chen Guangbiao said at the press conference, he donated 99% is in place, the 1% is not in place, but in place, but in the end still in place. Chen Guang nominal, full responsibility for what we say today. He also mentioned that Jiangsu Whampoa  does not owe any money to a bank or a friend, and said that the operation of a good drink was cheated. In the day of the conference site, Chen Guangbiao aspects of the show part of the donation invoices, as well as the suspected donation documents, but these documents did not allow reporters to see the scene. There are 20 such evidence at the scene. Chen Guangbiao ready to release the bill. September 20th, the media issued entitled Chen Guangbiao: "good" or "first cheat"? The report, questioned the authenticity of a number of donations Chen Guangbiao. The content covers the old age activity center donated by Chen Guangbiao in his hometown, the donation to charity, and then to the local direct donation and so on. In September 23rd the conference site, claiming to be a gang Hu Xiang Lian Huai Cun Chen village people in Sihong County of Jiangsu Province, to show documents that the elderly activity center of the property belonging to the village. The property rights of the elderly activity center. The property rights of the elderly activity center. For the official seal mentioned in the previous report, Chen Guangbiao at the press conference to show the record, as well as filing notice. Chen nominal, general manager of the company Zhang Hongde treachery, the establishment of other companies, and vice president Jiang Yong in Sike seal, taking the interests of the company. In March this year, police officers seized at least 170 Pieces of counterfeit seal from Jiangsu to Whampoa , including a large number of fake charity official seal and the seal of the company cooperation. Later, Chen Guangbiao micro-blog responded, "media reports of counterfeit seal matters is the two former executives of the company to implement the behavior, Chen Guangbiao knew nothing before". He further said, "the former general manager of Jiangsu Whampoa  Jiang indicating the start of forgery and other business seal unit signed a contract since 2008, private access and subcontracting engineering." However, "Chen Guangbiao:" the first good "or" cheat "? "A text is quoted in the theory of knowledge相关的主题文章: