Changan on the five the Great Wall who is the first Chinese brand passenger car? – Sohu in December last year, Changan announced that Changan has become the first passenger car sales exceeded 1 million Chinese brands. Recently, Changan automobile sales data released in October, see figure. Some people jokingly said: some say these sales over the same period, some say a good art, oh! In order to understand the data of the Changan art car industry micro query Automobile Association statistics before the September passenger car sales data (October data have not yet been released). Charles does not know, check jump, China brand passenger car sales are now in the end who is the first, the car industry as the confused. According to the Automobile Association statistics, on five is the first passenger car brand Chinese millions. From the middle of the 9 months of the statistical association car, SUV and MPV passenger car data, on the pass five 1-9 month sales of $930 thousand, Changan is a total of 830 thousand. If you look at this data, the five should be the first Chinese brand passenger car sales, it should be the first breakthrough in the Chinese brand passenger car. In accordance with the same caliber, on the five 2015 1-11 passenger car sales in more than 1 million vehicles, reaching up to 1 million 20 thousand, while Changan was announced in mid – December 2015, the number of passenger cars off the assembly line in. The question is, why not grab the five "first 1 million" on the limelight, but let Changan "The early bird catches"? Take 1-9 month sales data as an example. 1-9 month sales in five, hang the "Wuling" logo of the Wuling Hongguang and 450 thousand car journey. It is clear on their five pass, although the Automobile Association put these two cars as the "MPV" statistics to the passenger car, but the car is actually two drive, "minivan" — "mini bus". Consumers buy these two cars are mainly used for commercial purposes, driving bad handling, ride is not very comfortable. When consumers buy more tend to ride comfort of the passenger car, the car basically is rarely considered. So, when the transition strategy through five in business transfer, the joint venture of the Po Chun "horse head" tag to the Po Chun 730, to show the difference with the traditional veeker. Therefore, although the last 1-11 months, the Automobile Association statistics, through five passenger car sales reached 1 million vehicles, but it has not announced, because these 1 million cars are mostly inside the Wuling Hongguang and Wuling journey sales. Similarly, Changan commercial vehicle "hat" auneau and honestway similar, is not pure passenger car. If the vehicle statistics, Changan Chinese brand passenger car sales in the first place. At this time, the new question, if calculated by car on the five passenger car sales in Changan, is now in the statistical category of passenger car, passenger car should only hang "V word mark" cars, commercial vehicles hanging "hat" CX70, "Europe should not enter the Changan passenger car sales statistics. Through five excluding the Wuling Hongguang and Wuling journey sales in Changan, excluding CX70, Auchan, auneau and honestway sales, 1-9 month Changan hang "V word" logo of the passenger car sales of 570 thousand, through five hang Bao Chun ma!相关的主题文章: