Brush amount of this liar and fool Conspiracy – Sohu science and technology, a number of WeChat fake reading volume and the amount of praise (called the amount of brush) is not only recently. Some of the public science and technology circles, and even do not need to do any sophisticated data analysis, you can basically determine the amount of brush. The specific performance is: the amount of reading headlines each article is extremely close, for example, are about 30 thousand or 10 thousand. This approach to the difference in hundreds of up and down. Is obviously not normal. In my view, brush the amount of this matter at least two or three years. The purpose of the amount of brush is very clear: with a very good view of the visit, to get the favor of marketing Party A, marketing. At the same time, but also with a good amount of traffic so that the TA can be sent to the boss to give a kind of explanation: look, this money is still worth. Brush with declining public relations industry, as well as the entire WeChat public ecology, has a close relationship. Two WeChat public ecology has the following characteristics (not comprehensive). First, most subscription numbers have only one outgoing link, which is the lower left corner". Some have the original target subscription number, you can deploy links in the text, but it is the nature of the chain, that is, the link to their public number has been issued by the text. The content of the abduction of small poor. Between public and public numbers, basically in the island and isolated island. This makes the most use of marketing in a public subscription number, rather than advertising. In contrast, advertising is more ROI than public relations, hoping to be able to measure and relatively effective returns (such as CPC, CPA or even CPS). While public, under normal circumstances, some will do things carelessly. Second, WeChat search has been very weak today. In most cases, when the keyword in the title does not appear, the article is difficult to search. After the keyword search results sorting mechanism, fuzzy comparison. This is a huge problem for marketers to do "environmental scanning", which is usually a public sphere. Third, although today about the number of public open rate decreased when heard, but with a circle of friends to social sharing, the platform of the reading, still can not be underestimated. WeChat users are more active, this is not a market that can not be ignored by marketers. On the contrary, is almost the first choice. WeChat number in the marketing side, there is a strong public relations purposes, but if you want to sell services, most subscription numbers and can not undertake this mission. An interesting fact is that many of the fans, in order to obtain delivery, they use methods do not put other public numbers (push each other exception free friendship), but on the wide point of this typical advertising platform. The subscription number is also very clear, to speak effectively, and is not available in other public numbers, but dropped wide point. Three with the media structure changes, the PR industry is actually very confused. Earlier this year, I wrote down the importance of public relations in the end of the article, the article point of view, public relations is not so important caused a small shock in the circle. Agree with those who have, opponents have, to understand it, also shouted.相关的主题文章: