Big data "13th Five-Year" will be planning the introduction of   activation trillion yuan output value of related industries — Finance — original title: big data "13th Five-Year" will be planning the introduction of activation related industry experts expect trillion yuan output value, in 2018 the global big data technology and services market size is expected to reach $50 billion. "The future of the most valuable resource is through a series of data analysis, after the big data industry" 13th Five-Year "plan released during the year, will promote the manufacturing and service industries of the whole industry chain innovation, as the steam engine, the invention of electricity to promote the industrial revolution." Economist Song Qinghui told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, the big data industry "13th Five-Year" plan will activate the relevant industry trillion yuan output value. The message says, "big data industry" 13th Five-Year "development plan" has to seek expert advice, and concentrated discussion and revision, is expected to be released in the year. "The plan after the release of all Internet related industries will be affected, more obvious effects including the Internet industry and the" Internet plus "transformation and upgrading of good industries, such as tourism, culture, logistics, finance, intelligent manufacturing, the industry and the Internet is closely linked to greater dependence on big data." Investment advisor in the Internet industry researcher Wang Ningyuan in an interview with the Securities Daily reporters. Song Qinghui said, overall, in the traditional economic problems facing the development of power shortage and excess capacity, have a far-reaching influence on the three aspects of the big data industry in 13th Five-Year will be "planning. One is the big data will open up a new way for the transformation of manufacturing industry, manufacturing industry, power gradually out of "winter", and even occupied the commanding heights of development, ultimately making the dream of power; the two is the big data and automobile, consumption, energy, telecommunications, finance and other industries closely linked through the algorithm its integration into existing business ecological system to improve the efficiency of enterprises and reduce the cost of development, continue to create value for the company in the industry; the three is the big data industry in the future will become a key driving force of economic growth in the world, has become a new symbol of the era of big data between the national comprehensive competitiveness. According to the statistical data of Qinghui think tank, screening and analysis of relevant market compound annual growth rate of nearly 30%, is expected in 2018 the global big data technology and services market size is expected to reach $50 billion. Wang Ningyuan believes that big data industry "13th Five-Year" planning the content will include support services using a large data set brand, precision marketing and customized services; to promote big data applications in industrial R & D, manufacturing industry chain, the whole process of each link. (Sun Hua) (commissioning editor Yang Xi and Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: