Beijing – VIDEO – Russian female painter painting ten years writing the shore of the Yellow River Gansu "Silk Road" love Russian female painter painting ten years on the shore of the Yellow River Gansu "Silk Road" love [comment] from the practice of painting Jean Antonia graduated from Moscow Lenin Normal University Department of fine arts, fascinated by Chinese culture. She also learned how to use chopsticks in college. In 2005, Jean Antonia with China born husband came to Gansu to live and study, and gradually exposed China Chinese painting and calligraphy. In 2009, Jean Antonia first came to the "Silk Road", which makes her brush more firmly. [the same period] Russian female painter ran I did not expect, the local culture is very deep, a lot of people say how you stay in this place, a very backward place, very poor. I have been thinking, and then after the tour I know, this place is very interesting, I still want to stay here, I still want to draw some works here, was very impressed. [comment] 2010, Jean Antonia entered the Northwest Normal University, a master’s degree from Academy of Fine Arts, after 3 years of study, she can skillfully brush and painting creation. In 2013, Jean Antonia also held a personal graduation exhibition "cross-border", through painting, painting, calligraphy and other forms of watercolor show Chinese and ancient Russian cultural charm. The same period [] Russian female painter Jean Antonia now began to feel Chinese is also very good, many students come here to learn Chinese, because of the economic development, but some understanding of culture, especially of the Silk Road, or very few people understand, so I put these places such as Zhangye, Dunhuang, Maijishan, especially Dunhuang put them (painted) show over there. [comment] at present, Antonia ran preparations as the "Silk Road" as the theme of the exhibition, free time will teach children living near China painting; occasionally invited to give lectures in russia. Reporter Wei Jianjun Ding Gansu Lanzhou reported相关的主题文章: