Beijing – VIDEO – domestic textile industry through the "The Belt and Road" West "springboard" Chinese textile industry through the "The Belt and Road" West "springboard" [comment] by the Xinjiang cotton output because of the high quality, has been to the world. In the "The Belt and Road" initiative and the implementation of Xinjiang to develop the textile and garment industry driven by millions of people employment planning multiple good policy overlay, Xinjiang textile and garment industry has entered a stage of rapid development. In the just concluded Fifth China – Asia Europe Expo, in the net exhibition area of nearly 60 thousand square meters, only the textile and apparel exhibition area reached 23 thousand square meters, compared to the fourth square meters, an increase of more than 280%. Shandong, a group of Xinjiang textile and garment company responsible Liu Kunpeng told reporters in Xinjiang since the factory, not only to expand the Xinjiang local employment and enhance the level of technology play a role, but also because of the development of Xinjiang textile and garment industry policy advantage and "The Belt and Road" business benefit, Xinjiang has become the springboard of enterprise resources rich and West "". [] Shandong over the same period a group of Xinjiang branch is responsible for the advantage of Liu Kunpeng we trust in this material, the advantages of energy and the national policy "The Belt and Road", let us more firm confidence to do textile enterprises here, do a good job of textile products. [comment] the exhibition site, Aidelaisi Ambilight, knitted camel hair beautiful appearance, clothing styles, become a scenery line. In 2014, the central policy implementation of the development of textile and garment industry special in Xinjiang, including the establishment of 20 billion yuan of textile and garment industry development fund, all enterprise value-added tax for industrial development, low price, Xinjiang transportation subsidies, loan interest subsidies, the national social security funds to invest in the construction of Akesu, Korla printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant, Xinjiang becomes one of the global textile the lowest cost in garment manufacturing. China Fashion Association vice chairman and secretary general, vice president of Chinese Garment Association Zhang Qinghui told reporters, although the economic environment is not satisfactory, but the development of Xinjiang has a clothing industry policy advantage, resource advantage, regional advantage and market advantage, optimistic about exports and domestic market prospects, and has formed a certain scale of the industry. Can be seen in the Asia Europe Expo, which many enterprises with good policy Dongfeng, fancy Xinjiang richly endowed by nature material advantages, increase investment in Xinjiang construction efforts, there are many enterprises aware of the market potential of Xinjiang and the East and west of the regional advantages, expand the market trend to go out. [Vice President] earlier vice chairman Chinese Fashion Association and Secretary General of China Garment Association Zhang Qinghui I think the advantages of resources in this area in Xinjiang on the one hand, on the other hand, I think it should be from the Xinjiang local industry to start, we now in the era of network interaction, we called IP economy, economy is called IP where is your advantage, you have this DNA can copy it, through the design to guide the consumption, through the design to stimulate consumption, through the design to stimulate consumer desire. [interpretation] reporters learned from the Asia Europe Expo Organizing Committee, the exhibition of domestic textile and apparel Exhibition Road相关的主题文章: