Beijing welcome tomorrow before the most blocking day 17 when congestion reached the peak of the original title: Ming Ying before the most blocking day Mid Autumn Festival holiday is coming, Zouqinfangyou people focus on procurement, increased activity. Daily economic news reporter yesterday, a comprehensive multi sectoral information Beijing learned that the day before the Mid Autumn Festival (September 13th) Beijing traffic will be severely congested, highways, subways will usher in peak passenger flow. Tomorrow at 17 Beijing road congestion peak bureau responsible person, combined with the historical data of the same period and the characteristics of the Mid Autumn Festival this year, is expected before the day (September 14th) reached the peak traffic, will exceed 2 million 200 thousand units, compared with last year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday peak (2 million 50 thousand days) growth of around 7%. Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission predicted that September will be the focus of the year of Beijing traffic congestion. September 13th, 14, 2009, the day of the 29, the day of the high peak traffic index will reach more than 8 serious congestion above the level of 30. The Traffic Management Bureau released Wednesday afternoon, is expected to peak late in advance. From the entire road network situation, tomorrow 14:00 – 20:00 congestion, 17:00 – 18:00 reached the peak point. The day before the holiday and the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day the Beijing section of the highway network will continue to appear in the direction of beijing. The holiday season is expected third days (September 17th) high speed highway network sections of Beijing direction will appear short-term congestion. Mid Autumn Festival holiday, high-speed Louis blocking sections include: high-speed Beijing Tibet: supernatant bridge Huilongguan Beijing six ring to Changping; North West off the roundabout of Beijing; Beijing high-speed road west to the mouth: dujiakan Beijing; Beijing Liulihe to the city circle; Chengde: city of Victoria Bridge and looked to the main toll station beijing. The bus was equipped with the moon along the transport bus group issued yesterday, the Mid Autumn Festival transportation security programs, daily plans with 16 thousand cars, a daily plan trips up to 142 thousand times, is expected to total passenger bus group will exceed 25 million 800 thousand people, average daily passenger volume reached about 8600000 passengers. The Mid Autumn Festival this year, Beijing issued the Jingshan Hill Park, Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park, the Summer Palace, China Garden Museum 5 best place to celebrate the mid autumn festival. For the convenience of the public to the moon, bus group increased focus on these areas via the 103 Road, 5 road, 685 Road, 331 Road, 508 Road, 55 Road, 1 road, special 99 road and other key lines will enable the Mid Autumn Festival holiday schedule, with concentration between 20:00 to 22:00 late two peak capacity, to meet the passengers along focus on travel demand. To open the railway passenger train 27 times from September 14th to September 17th 4 days, Beijing Railway Bureau is expected to send 4 million 150 thousand passengers, an increase of 493 thousand people, an increase of 13.5%, the daily average of 1 million 37 thousand and 500 passengers. Peak passenger flow is expected in September 15th, sending 1 million 200 thousand passengers. It is understood that the Mid Autumn Festival passenger flow mainly to visit relatives and friends, short tourism passenger oriented. In order to cope with the change of passenger flow, the Beijing Railway Bureau will increase passenger train 27 times. The inter Bureau passenger train 14 times, Harbin, Qigihar, the main direction of Shanghai, Datong, Xi’an, Rizhao, Ji’nan Bureau of pipe prop;相关的主题文章: