Beijing not let investors hate what land? Beijing property market continued fever, crazy prices rise, the continuous introduction of favorable policies, the market is expected to further "add fuel to the flames" bullish for the economic strength of the public investment, the financial times has come. In many investment projects, real estate investment is undoubtedly the best choice, 90% of people make money to catch up with the speed of investment in Beijing property gains! The most important thing is to match the investment attributes of the region, the regional value of the real estate investment decisions. The airport economic area in twenty-first Century to rewrite appearance, the rapid accumulation of high-end industry, aviation industry has become the leading global economy. So, how much contribution to the regional economy? The development of Shunyi is a good example. Before the construction of the capital airport in Shunyi, is a traditional agricultural county, industrial economic development is still in its infancy, the modern industry is almost a blank. Since 2004, the capital airport T3 terminal building on the land in Shunyi District, the airport economy is good to turn the world upside down changes happened in Shunyi. Shunyi District take the opportunity for development, in the development of traditional industries and brands at the same time, have established the forest river, two Municipal Airport Industrial Zone, important economic zones of Beijing automobile production base, Beijing airport logistics base and Tianzhu Export Processing Zone, until now the whole area total of more than 3 thousand industrial enterprises, nearly 1000 products enterprises home, the initial formation of high-tech industries, modern manufacturing industry, modern service industry, modern agriculture and urban food and beverage industry five industry community. In Shunyi, travel is very inconvenient, go to the city of Shunyi will have to wait 1 hours or even a few hours of the bus, but with the continuous development of the capital airport improvement, Shunyi District formed a high-speed interweave, subway neighbor situation, especially the metro line 15 opened to bring great convenience to regional travel. Attendant, is the property market boom. Now Shunyi houshayu plate, villa buildings, pleasant environment. By virtue of the huge advantage of the traffic and the environment, along the Wenyu river formed Beijing’s first high-end villas, Central Villa District, and then gathered the largest number of Beijing, the top of the international education and international medical resources. Thus, the airport economic stimulus, for regional influence in the area of infrastructure turn the world upside down, with the continuous improvement of its investment value has doubled. On the new airport in Beijing, we have reason to believe that the completion of the new airport in Beijing, for the development of the surrounding area will be enormous contribution. Especially with the neighbors of Guan, under the strong in their own development, benefit from the new airport will bring a new industrial pattern, Guan brought to a higher level on the development track. Beijing spillover demand trend has been set, the new airport is Guan district directly benefit with the gradual development of the function of Beijing City, the capital airport has been difficult to carry huge throughput, Beijing new airport will play an effective role of shunt. According to sources, in addition to Air China continue to stay outside the capital airport, such as China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other large aviation groups, will be settled in the new airport in Beijing. The new airport site selection in accordance with the construction of the 100 million Beijing South passenger throughput 1 passengers, aircraft landing相关的主题文章: