Beijing Huade purchase innovation BMW 2 travel innovation BMW 2 Sports Tourer at Beijing vataple price 27.99-34.99 yuan, the BMW group, a new small car based platform (UKL platform) to build a new car issued a total of 3. It’s listed so that the expansion of the BMW product lineup to the luxury compact sports travel vehicle (SportsActivityTourer) market segments, competing goods directed at a certain level of brand B. Near to the store to enjoy more surprises, details of the advisory phone: 010-85739999. Beijing Huade in November for the five anniversary month, thanks to new and old customers the support and love, the introduction of the service (birthday anniversary month date to Id date); November birthday customers to the car can receive a gift; November 29th birthday customers can get 1129 yuan Car Buying Car Buying November 29, 2011 birthday gifts; children family Car Buying BMW can receive the growth of College bear 1; Car Buying family to enjoy 2011 yuan financial gifts 1129 yuan Car Buying & Car Buying gifts; October 26th small passenger car index sign Car Buying customers can enjoy 1129 yuan Car Buying gifts. The innovation of BMW2 Department of sports travel new window: A. BMW’s first precursor models, with more interior space; B. has strong power and fuel economy performance; C. is the standard driving force distribution system. Appearance, innovation BMW 2 Sports Tourer maintained the usual BMW mighty design style, the iconic chrome double kidney grille reminiscent of Spanish bullfight when attacking large nostrils, and the four hood green band features line like the bull on hisforehead, flat design LED dual round headlights and as a pair of glaring eyes – the front face of the style is very aggressive, believe there is a special preference for dynamic modeling of consumers will favor the car. Also to be noted that the body design benefited from the flat, the drag coefficient of the BMW 2 series innovative Sports Tourer is only 0.26. The Department of the interior, 2 Sports Tourer keep BMW’s fine production quality, the overall style is luxurious, grade: three spoke leather multifunction steering wheel with chrome trim, top models will configure shift paddles; black and white double disc type instrument panel is simple and clear, the right side of the instrument can display energy recovery information; 2 Department of Sports Tourer is also equipped with the same level of rare full color head up display system, can display speed, phone list and other information and entertainment; the new car is also equipped with the third generation iDrive mobile Internet function, simple interface, simple operation. In terms of size, the innovative BMW 2 series sports car length and width were 43421800 1595mm (220i height of 1601mm), wheelbase 2670mm. Although the performance of the data compared with the Mercedes Benz B class is not dominant, but in the actual ride, we found that the performance of its internal space is completely satisfactory. In addition, as a wagon, the trunk volume also needs our special attention: under normal circumstances, the 2 Department of sport wagon reserve.相关的主题文章: