Wuhan Iron and steel Baosteel reorganization scheme released soon 8 shares or benefit from the restructuring of Baosteel Wuhan program released soon, 24, Baosteel shares issued since July 27, 2016 to continue the suspension is expected not to exceed 1 months’ notice. In addition, from Baosteel Group news, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel shares and a number of joint research institutions, launched the "high efficiency, low loss and special use of the development and application of silicon steel project" (referred to as the "silicon steel project"), the new products are expected annual added value of 800 million yuan (RMB, same below) above. According to China News Network 24 news, the silicon steel project is the Ministry of science and technology of China, the focus of basic material technology and industrial upgrading of the first batch of special tasks to start. Silicon steel is widely used in power generation, power transmission, electricity and other fields, although the steel manufacturing technology Chinese developed rapidly in recent years, in the field of UHV transmission, advanced large generators have to break the monopoly of foreign brands, but the overall level of top products with foreign countries there is still a certain gap. The project will develop two kinds of environment-friendly magnetic materials, formed a series of high-end products, new products can achieve complete replacement in 2015 Chinese electricity estimates, each year is expected to reduce the transmission loss of 110 billion kwh, equivalent to Three Gorges generating capacity of 127%, 1.1 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. As China two leading iron and steel enterprises, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel group at the end of June to start a "marriage", known as the largest China recombination events of the iron and steel industry in recent years. Chen Derong, general manager of Baosteel Group has revealed that Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel two joint reorganization of enterprises, a very important point is how to play a combined effect in the production of iron and steel. In 2015 the steel industry, winter, Baosteel crude steel production was 36 million 110 thousand tons, a total profit of $1 billion 30 million (2014 was $9 billion 420 million). 2016 to 2018, Baosteel plan Yajian capacity 9 million 200 thousand tons. Shen Hong Yuan believes that if Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel to carry out the depth of integration, the new joint regardless of output and quality, will be the absolute leader in the country deserved. Our last round of iron and steel industry merger integration tide began in 2005, Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and steel in the years 2005-2009 were acquired, Shaoguan, Bayi Steel, steel, and steel Hubei in the same period, and integration of Tangshan Iron and steel merger of Handan steel and Chengde iron and steel industry steel vanadium titanium River realize overall listing, mergers and acquisitions of Anshan Panzhihua, Jinan and suction Laiwu steel. From the analysis of the cases of mergers and acquisitions, the guiding ideology of the iron and steel industry on a round of consolidation is the "big and small, regional integration, hope mills through its more advanced production and management capacity of helping small and medium mills turnaround. But the current situation of the steel industry shows that the effect of regional integration is obvious, but the big and small, the results are less than expected. In the industry as a whole surplus and demand is facing a turning point in the environment, not only to large and small backward production capacity is difficult to quit, but the large steel mills will be dragged down by small steel mills. In 2015 3 Yuegong Ministry issued the "adjustment policies for the iron and steel industry (revised in 2015) (Draft)", which refers to 2025, before the;相关的主题文章: