Baidu internal corruption report games and other 17 departments are handled within the Baidu Inc yesterday from the 17 cases of serious disciplinary cases of full disclosure, the majority of these disciplinary cases with internal corruption related. In these 17 cases of informed discipline, involving a wide range, many of the staff is also difficult to see the general company. Including Baidu Nuomi, Beijing customer development department, the Ministry of Commerce, channel cooperation, search product market, Post Bar, cool games, mobile distribution and several other employees have been punished for not normal operation, personnel involved light is issued, while being transferred to the judicial organs and the individual employee has been sentenced. According to statistics, the most serious Department of Baidu Nuomi, there are 10 cases involved, all local branch staff discipline, discipline including scalping cheat subsidies, false reimbursement, virtual sales performance for etc.. In addition, customer development channels, business cooperation department staff violations mainly involves the unfair economic exchanges and business partners, search marketing department malicious tampering website ranking, taking bribes from Post Bar employees for novel website back, cool game staff privately to internationally selling game currency, mobile distribution products department employee theft for profit our company develops software with Baidu external resources. Due to the improper operation of the Baidu Inc to bring a certain amount of loss and serious impact, so Baidu Inc professional ethics committee of these cases were informed of discipline. In May 2015, Baidu through a "sunny workplace do Simple and Reliable Baidu" internal mail disclosure, the original Baidu channel senior director Yu Hui, senior director of marketing department, deputy director of enterprise governance gold sales channels, Chen Zhenfeng Department Senior Manager Zhao Zhi Yong, director of Chengdu Chongqing Guizhou region 100 waxy King Chengdu Chongqing Guizhou forest, hundred waxy area sales director Jiang Qingling, Dong Shengmin, Bai waxy Xi’an branch sales Wang Lei, because of alleged commercial bribery or embezzlement by the company to terminate the labor contract, and was transferred to judicial organs according to law. The following is issued by the Baidu Inc internal "serious disciplinary cases briefing:" [important] Baidu Inc occupation ethics committee, serious violation cases notified Victor: now a number of illegal cases in 2016 occupation moral Department has investigation are summarized below, please forward the management of the company will case notification e-mail to Baidu staff. Professional ethics committee will be based on the requirements of the company’s management, continue to increase the intensity of the investigation and handling of corruption, processing and exposure of corruption fraud cases, where the violation of national laws, and resolutely transferred to judicial organs according to law. Hope that through the investigation and notification of these cases, the alarm bells ringing, and remind the majority of Baidu alert students: in awe of the heart, the company adhere to the red line system. Abide by the occupation ethics is the practice of "Baidu Simple and Reliable" the minimum requirements of values, please company managers at all levels must strengthen the core values education in their respective teams, to ensure more effective implementation of occupation moral and behavioral norms. On one hand, according to company policies and state laws dealing with discipline staff, improve internal environment; on the other hand, to actively promote the company system and the bottom line..相关的主题文章: