Sports-and-Recreation Skiing is the sport of sliding over snow on skis long, narrow, flexible runners. This very demanding sport utilizes nearly every muscle in your body, and it requires strength and agility in your lower body. With that being said, you will realize the importance of exercises for skiers. Here, now, are some examples. Click Here For Avalanche Ski Training Instant Access Now! Number one: Wall sit. The wall sit is an isometric strengthening exercise that works your quads as you resist the force of your body weight. In order to perform this exercise, stand with your back flat against the wall with your feet several inches in front of your body. Then, slide your upper body down the wall until your knees bend at a ninety-degree angle. Maintain this position and slowly increase the intervals as you gain strength. The motion involved in this exercise simulates the forces on your body during parts of ski turns. Number two: Leg curls. Leg curls or hamstring curls focus on developing the hamstring muscle. It can be performed standing up, sitting down, or lying facedown. But then again, the most .mon way to perform this exercise is to lie down on a bench while placing your legs beneath the grip. Then, slowly contract your legs until get a ni.y-degree angle, hold, and release slowly. Number three: Ski jumps. As you may already be aware of, skiing involves a significant degree of impact on the knees, as well as frequent side-to-side motion. Therefore, one exercise that you must perform is the ski jump. To do this exercise, position your self with your feet together and your knees bent down. Then, jump to one side. From there, immediately jump to the other side. Repeat this lateral back and forth movement several times, while making sure that your knees land soft at impact. The wall sit, leg curls, and ski jumps These are just three examples of simple exercises for skiers that you can do to train yourself for skiing. Click Here For Avalanche Ski Training Instant Access Now! 相关的主题文章: