Reference-and-Education It is in a very rare case that our perception relies fully upon a single sense. When we do our day to day activities, it is generally a .bination of the information that we get from two or more sensory modalities that gives us a .plete picture of what is occurring in the world. The popularity of television proved that we are mostly attracted towards audio-visual medium and it has the most rapid affect on us. The power of audio-visual media to present .plex concepts is coupled with the capabilities of a .puter to analyze a learner’s response to questions and then to direct the flow of information. It is observed that when children are exposed to audio-visual mood of learning, they rapidly grasp the critical concepts and also generate interest in the classes. It is true that some children remember best materials they’ve seen; some remember things they’ve heard, while others remember things they’ve experienced. But even then an accumulation of all these resulted in a more effective way. More and more schools are taking advantage of audio-visual technology to teach the children. The great thing is not only can this equipment be used to present information to children the fact that they are interacting with audio-visual technology on a daily basis also makes them proficient in using technology. Audio-visual technology has been used in schools for decades, but usually only in the form of a TV and video player to show short educational films. The modern day schools are employing a number of audio-visual tools in the teaching learning process so that it can serve to all kinds of learners- auditory as well as visual learners. It is not that only tools can offer audio visual learning aids to the students; visiting a place of interest or taking the students to a botanical garden for demonstrating different plants can give great benefits to kids. The 3D images really help the students to understand the .plex geometrical and trigonometric laws. In these images, the different dimensions of a particular shape be.e clear to the students. There are different tools that serve different purposes. The teachers need to be careful while choosing these tools for the purpose of teaching the students. The students have also be.e smart today with the advancement in technology. Those who are auditory learners, often record the class lectures with the help of Dictaphone so that these can be used as a reference later on. It is not that audio visual tools benefit the students only. These revolutionize the concept of teaching to a large extent. Audio Visual aids or Devices help the teacher to clarify, establish, co-relate and co-ordinate accurate concepts, interpretations, and appreciation. It enables the teacher to make learning more concentrate, effective, interesting, inspirational, meaningful, and vivid. The audio-visual aids always help in .pleting the triangular process i.e. Motivation, Clarification, and Stimulation. Attention is the true factor in any process of learning and teaching. Audio-visual learning process helps the teacher in providing proper environment for capturing as well as sustaining the attention and interest of the students in class room. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: