Apple Corp will have to rethink the automatic driving strategy of Apple employees were laid off according to the New York Times reported on 10, while other technology giants spare no effort to enter the field of automatic driving, the Apple Corp in may reconsider plans to build, from hardware to software level. At present, the Apple Corp has closed automatic driving car project, and the abolition of the dozens of employees. Apple plans to build the transformation to release the latest signal in trouble. The layoffs are one of the measures to restart the car project named Titan. The Titan project began two years ago, apple invested a lot of resources but has not made much progress. As the head of the Titan project Steven Zadesky for personal reasons to leave, in July of this year, Apple Corp veteran Bob Mansfield return and take over the project. According to Bloomberg News reported that, after the Bob Mansfield took office, Apple’s research center from the design and production of the car has become a driving car to provide technical support software. Apple has also made some progress, there are a number of fully automatic driving car has been tested in a closed environment. But now it seems that this technology will take several years to reach the mainstream consumer market standards.相关的主题文章: