The biggest highlight of the apple conference: can finally free calls the | technology – Sohu Yang Junjun despite Apple’s autumn conference is based on hardware products, but in recent years the hardware Zero highlights "finally at this time not to let you down — to see the apple press conference, the first time this reaction, what can be called the iPhone 7. Wouldn’t it be better called iPhone 6.1. If you have to find out the highlights of the apple conference, then…… The first is Nintendo Pokemon Go, Apple Watch 2 should be settled in this very interesting, not surprisingly, Nintendo’s shares should rose second is the apple system; a "accidentally" Upgrade — iOS 10, but in the last year that is imperceptibly between halted MIIT network telephone market situation again. No boyfriend, no money, do not worry about iPhone 7, to see iOS 10 free call. Call it free on Apple’s new iOS 10, Apple launched a Callkit framework open to all software developers: iOS 10 VoIP platform with UI interface integration in the native iPhone phone. Let the original iOS phone function, can be combined with third party voice communication software, so that it has a more complete virtual telephone network potential. In simple terms, the application software only need access to the Callkit, you can directly call the system call – note that the call process is exactly the same as the phone system! The first adaptation Callkit function for example: QQ phone users to friends initiate voice calls, arouse the interface is system of telephone interface, friends can directly with the ordinary telephone answering the same answer; more critical is that the call records will be written into the system call records; more attention is needed in the past when the user the two sides are the network call telephone access system, telephone network will be directly hung up, and now will choose the right to the user, the equivalent of call waiting. In other words, if the user uses iOS 10, you can enjoy the same experience with the system phone, does not appear before the network phone others can not meet the situation. What’s more, the whole call is only available via the Internet – if it’s WiFi, it’s free! Lead industry change can be expected, the release of iOS 10, will have the network communication function of the application for the first time adaptation, there will be a large number of users to upgrade the system in the first time. If the Callkit is regarded as the trigger network calls the market a "explosive", this is not an exaggeration: on the one hand, many have the function of network telephone applications will become the biggest beneficiary of this list, including QQ, WeChat, nail and so on. According to a report, consulting released by China currently use the Internet phone users mostly for people under the age of 29, in all Internet phone products accounted for 40% of the basic"相关的主题文章: