Software Stationary mobile application development is of a limited use in the dynamic, mobile world where e-.merce introduces an ever-changing market. If you want your smart phone to act smarter than it does by offering you deals, museums, place of visit and much more according to your current location, geo-fencing applications are available at your disposal. What is Geo-fencing? Geo-fencing applications are alternatively called location-based applications. These applications work on the geo-fencing technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area. It forms a radius of interest and automatically alerts the user on defined coordinates of a geographic area. In simple terms, this technology continuously tracks the users geographical location and sends automatic alerts to users phone. Who can avail Geo-fencing applications? All smart phone users who own GPS-enabled device, which is easily and cheaply available in all these days, can use geo-fencing applications. These applications are simple to install and use. However, these applications require continuous inter. connectivity. These applications are available in the form of iPhone application development and Android application development. It is also available as Blackberry & WM application programming solutions. In short, all major mobile platforms can ably dispense location-based services. How location-based mobile applications are useful? Geo-fencing applications mainly support business expansion. If people know where you are, especially merchants, they can push offers that are unique to your location. Dealers push their unique services and offers to every GPS-enabled device in a specified geographical-area, which increases their sale and enables users to be aware of service in the nearby or unfamiliar region. Location-based applications are not only beneficial for the vendors or merchants but are also useful for availing emergency services such as hospitals, medical stores, security offices and so on in the nearby location. It may also provide information on whereabouts of the family members or friends. If you are travelling to an unknown destination, location-based apps can act as your guide. It can notify you about every restaurant, museums, tourist destinations, transport services and so on. Mobile application developers have enforced safety measures like driving sensors, which will lock the phone after it senses the driving activity, preventing young motorists from texting while they drive. Some of the intelligent location-based applications are as follows: Poynt: An award-winning location-based Android application development that lets users find and connect with businesses, movies, restaurants, people, offers, etc. and helps them avail the service by directly placing a call. Google Maps: The number one location-based application that guides users through each milestone. Google Maps is a cross-platform application available for free download. Apart from being a great navigation app, Maps also provide tools aimed at travelers and reviews about local attractions. Travelers Quest: This application is more of an intuitive game than a navigation app. If you are into exploring places, Travelers quest is a great tool to spend a few hours to discover a new travel destination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: