Travel-and-Leisure There are many ways to see Australia. Some .e as tourists, spend a week visiting the amazing natural sights, then return home. Others .e with backpacks, wander around the vast country, seeing the sights and having fun with other travelers on the way. Then there are the expats who .e to live and work, rent their own place, and over the years settle into the "Australian way". But the best way to experience the "real" Australian culture in a short time, is to do a homestay! Homestays are unique because, in only a short time, you get to see what the Australian daily routine is like, and actually get to live that routine yourself. For example, as a backpacker, most of your days will be spent with other foreigners, having fun and doing tourist-style activities. But doing a homestay, you live with the locals, and assimilate into their daily routine – early morning walks / surfing, then off to school every day when your host family go to work; relaxing afterwards with your friends from school / homestay family, afternoon sports, family dinner; spending the weekends together with your friends of host family doing fun activities… Another great point about homestays is that you get to eat what the locals eat. As a traveler, you’d probably eat out every day, or cook your own cheap, simple food. As a homestay student, you’ll be eating with your family every day, and will have interesting, delicious local food prepared for you! Mealtimes are also a great time to share the day’s stories, practice your English, and enjoy chatting together. Don’t be shy to talk – you’ll learn English much faster if you try! As a homestay student, you get to enjoy activities that the locals do. As a traveler, you’ll probably do a lot more touristy activities, but a homestay student can enjoy activities that only the locals do, and places that only the locals know – weekend barbeques, fishing, trips to the local hiking trail, waterfall, local library, or beers at the local pub… these activities could all be.e part of your routine too! So if you’re thinking of .ing to Australia, and you want to experience real Australian culture as well as all the touristy things, make the choice to experience life as a local, and do a homestay with an Aussie family! It will make your time in Australia much more interesting, and you’ll leave with the country with life-long friends, and the feeling that Australia has be.e your 2nd home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: