SEO Hire trustworthy service provider when it .es to Google optimization, who understands the SEO activities to allow you to get good rankings. Google optimization procedure plays an important role in conquering good ranks on the search engine. In case you target Google then give importance to links but this definitely does not mean that you ignore the factors that are related to the page keywords. Get relevant links for the business site to gain the first ranks for the related keywords. In order to get top position in the rank page such as Google you should keep some patience. It definitely takes time over Google to get the topmost ranking when .pared to the search engines such as Bing or yahoo. Moreover your site grows there are more chances to get good rankings. Below mentioned are a few important activities carried by the search engine in order to rank your business website: Activity #1 Crawling In crawling procedure, the search engine software such as spider performs the task effectively of crawling. In this procedure, the spider follows the link from various website related to the pages to do the indexation procedure. There are a number of web pages on the search engine such as Google and it is not possible for you to visit all daily. Thus it is advised that you keep modifying the existing web pages and add new pages when possible. Activity #2 Indexing Indexing procedure is carried out after the crawling is done where the links are indexed from various website pages. For the sites that include, JavaScript, flash, videos and more it is important to make out whether the indexing procedure is correctly carried out or not. In case your business website page is not indexed then all efforts related to the creation of the page go in vain. It is the text driven procedure where the words are identified. Activity #3 Processing Classification of the indexed pages can be done correctly in case you add right keywords in content and get Google optimization done the right way. In processing part the web pages are rightly classified by means of optimization procedure to get good ranks. The .parison is done between the search string and the indexed page in database of the major engine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: