"Ali travel" was renamed "flying pig" controversial Sohu – Prince Xinjiang nut cake Tucao news with the Alibaba group’s travel brand "Ali travel" was renamed "flying pig", for which the words are talking about offending Muslims today (October 28th) the hot network. Because venture sold at Taobao and donated Xinjiang nut cake popular Xinjiang nut cake of Muslim Youth Adil for Ludian earthquake in micro-blog said publicly that originally supported "Ali travel" he has to uninstall the software, also said the global Muslim taboo "pig" of the word, I hope Ali consider this part of user experience. This micro-blog immediately sparked controversy, some people think that the "Dili glass heart", some netizens also said that not all Muslims want to like him. An Islamic authority who said that the software has nothing to do with the name of ethnic and religious affairs, "I don’t think we are sensitive, don’t take it personally". Xinjiang nut cake Prince: "consider Muslim taboo?" For the animal named its products is not new, but the Alibaba from the group announced last night "Ali travel" brand name "flying pig", the new name of more attention than ever to discuss the words: whether offend Muslim religion has become one of the hot topics of today. According to media reports, the Alibaba vice president of the group, "flying pig" President Li Shaohua said at the press conference, the "flying pig" the number of users has exceeded 200 million, App more 100 million downloads, daily access to the number of users reached 10 million. V user @ micro-blog users also five mountains scattered people questioned: "Ali tourism is called flying pigs?! This is to give up a teaching market mean?" At noon, because business sold at Taobao and donated Xinjiang nut cake popular Xinjiang nut cake Uighur youth Adil for Ludian earthquake also began to sound, he said in micro-blog, as an entrepreneur, he supported Ali, he is "Ali travel" of the user, but because the name "flying pig", he unloaded the software. May all the Muslim friends will be unloaded because Muslims around the world are very taboo pig the word "Adil said that" Alibaba is an international enterprise, in the global business, consider Muslim taboo? I hope you will be a lot of diffusion, I would like to see the attitude of the teacher ma." The prince Adil micro-blog released Xinjiang nut cake expressed the hope that "Ali travel" changed its name to consider Muslim taboo. This is micro-blog was more controversial. Some users believe that the "Dili glass heart", some netizens proposed, "the Koran" also suggested only food taboos, but for "pig" the word itself is not taboo, study users @ war history of micro-blog for example, as the Islamic state in the United Arab Emirates can legally sell pork, the number of pig herds in Indonesia in 2013 was as high as 8 million 460 thousand head. Another part of the Muslim netizens said, not Muslims think so, we think it can be no problem. After all, this is just a name, our teachings are binding on us, we don’t want to hold you. We can not because of their taboo pig let the world do not eat pigs do not have a pig’s name. The prince Xinjiang nut cake idea is only one part of people’s point of view. Not all the people." Islamic authority: we should not be sensitive to everything相关的主题文章: