After the volcano, Africa this piece of tea beauty of the most beautiful tourist Sohu – asphyxia in Africa wide Fu tea Yunjuanyunshu wrote Photography: the way was southerly Volcano Disaster for human and natural ecological environment, but this disaster will sometimes create a lot of natural wonders. India Ocean southwest of reunion and Mauritius are formed after the volcano island, the charming scenery, beautiful, especially in Mauritius, and into the natural and humanistic pastoral scenery in one, has become a world famous resort! Like Mauritius this place, at any time, you can breathe the freshest air, even in cloudy and rainy days, the visibility is very high. The winter in Mauritius is not only the pleasant breeze chilly. From the west coast to the mountains of the central KUANFU tea garden, about half an hour by car, if it is not a mountain road and more curves, in fact, 20 minutes to reach. Along the way, the blue sky and white clouds, green. The car went through the town, through countless pieces of sugar cane, crossing a mountain towering trees, like a horse galloping in between heaven and earth. Light down the window, India ocean breeze blowing, wayside grass, fragrant flowers and tea, and the fragrance of the earth with the carriage. Chen Yue suddenly remembered the "Wizard of Oz" and "green" through the Kern Kevin. The natural music comes from nature, and the nature. Especially Kevin Kern love "passing through" green, fresh and comfortable, and Mauritius mountain scenery. The central mountains vast, from afar like a prairie, is a small plateau more strictly speaking, only a few hundred meters above sea level. The same is winter, the beach can be installed in the beach, in the central mountains, sooner or later to add an autumn coat. Because of the location, the sky change constantly here, basically every day is sunny and cloudy and rain, often before the second is sunny, the next second will rain Zhanyi, but the rain come and go, sometimes only 5 to 10 minutes to reply to the blue sky and white clouds the sky. Warm climate make the mountains of central Mauritius KUANFU tea garden often shows magnificent scenery. This climate is especially suitable for the growth of tea. Mauritius people in English and French colonial style tea, the tea cultivation process without applying any fertilizer and pesticide, the original ecological planting way to produce high quality green tea. Mauritius tea garden for the volcanic ash geology, there are many adjacent to the island in the early stages of the formation of volcanic rocks. Mauritius people pay attention to the layout of the pleasant countryside, tea garden decorated with Phoenix wood and banana forest, so that the scenery of the mountains more vivid. I enjoy every piece of scenery KUANFU tea garden, and every tree with fir tea, watching the rain, see a lot of new branches grow green tea, as if to hear the voice of life! KUANFU tea picking tea is mainly used in the production of Mauritius specialty – ripe black tea. At present, cooked black tea is only produced in Mauritius.相关的主题文章: