After the driver falls 30 meters cliff in Nanchong, the driver and the dog have nothing to do. () a Chongqing passenger car suddenly goes out of the road after passing through the "U" curve, then falls about 30 meters high cliff, and the four round falls into the dry canal at the foot of the mountain. When people worry about the safety of people in the car, a miracle happened: the driver kicked off the door, climbed out of the car, and came out with a pet dog. This was a traffic accident in the south in October 31st. Yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned from the district traffic police department, after preliminary judgment, falling cliff system driver caused by speeding in the curve. The miracle happened, in addition to the car in the process of falling to get a certain buffer, the last drop point of the ditch, also plays an important role in the protection of the cab. In the process of car falling cliff, the airbag inside the car is also opened, the driver to play a good protection. The site of the incident is located in the southern part of the 101 provincial highway, located in the town of the county called "olecranon rock". 2 morning, Chengdu Business Daily reporter visited the scene of the accident found that the car dropped in the day of the canal, there are still scattered a lot of auto parts, the canal is about 2 meters wide, one side is about 70 degrees of slope cliff. "That woman doesn’t seem to have a big problem. It’s a miracle that the forehead is injured by a bit of skin. It’s a miracle to fall from such a high place." Witnesses Wang told reporters that after two days after the accident, the driver has repeatedly returned to the scene of the accident, hoping to find lost pet dog, but no effect, "may be frightened after hiding."". When chatting, the female driver also told Mr. Wang, "at that time, the curve was originally to brake deceleration, but mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, so the speed is very fast, directly rushed out."." But the statement has not been confirmed by the traffic police, Chengdu Business Daily reporter tried to contact the driver failed. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Wang Chao photo reporter editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, Shaanxi 56 year old female tourists fall 20 meters at night, cliff police joint rescue

女司机在南充坠30米悬崖后爬出车 人和狗均无事(图) 一辆重庆籍轿车在经过U形弯道时,突然冲出公路,继而坠下约30米高的悬崖,四轮朝天掉在山脚的干涸水渠里。当众人为车内人员安全担心时,奇迹发生了:女司机踹开车门,从车内爬了出来,平安出来的还有随车的宠物狗。这是10月31日发生在南部境内的一起交通事故。昨日,成都商报记者从辖区交警处了解到,经初步判断,坠崖系司机在弯道超速行驶所致。奇迹之所以发生,除了轿车在坠落过程中得到一定缓冲外,最后坠落点的水渠,对驾驶室也起到重要的保护作用。而在轿车坠崖过程中,车内安全气囊也被打开,对司机起到很好的保护。事发地点位于101省道南部县碑院镇境内一处名叫鹰嘴岩的地方。2日上午,成都商报记者回访事故现场发现,轿车当天掉落的水渠里,仍散落有不少汽车零部件,水渠约2米宽,一侧便是约70度的斜坡悬崖。“那个女子看起来没啥子大问题,就是额头受了点皮外伤,从这么高的地方掉下去,还真是个奇迹。”目击者王先生向记者回忆说,事故发生后的两天里,女司机还曾多次回到事故现场,希望能找到走丢的宠物狗,但无果,“可能是受到惊吓后藏起来了”。聊天时,女司机还告诉王先生,“当时转弯本来是要踩刹车减速的,却错踩了油门,所以速度很快,直接就冲出去了。”但该说法未得到交警的证实,成都商报记者试图联系当事司机未能成功。成都商报记者 王超 摄影报道编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 陕西56岁女游客夜间坠落20米悬崖 警民联手救援相关的主题文章: