A look ugly in appearance of the old, why would anyone want to eat and drink cold – Sohu has entered the heavy work on the road in the late autumn season wrapped in a coat and find the eyes will always can’t help dumplings hot and warm dumplings and soup on the belly on the chill disappear so we come Not the least trace was found. by way of the dumpling shop looks very ordinary but there are always some want to store this chowhound taste on the sign Guo master was Wang Bin’s mother Wang Bin graduated two years after it took the store in the morning after the purchase of raw materials has been busy fennel and pig meat is stuffed with the forelegs good raw pork broken after adding aniseed and the homemade chicken stock in a direction to their work fully stir meat stuffing grinding sesame oil to Titian is the best add fennel broken full of good meat stuffing sticky plate Not a bit scattered drawbead pat up there is a bit bouncing feeling although the filling ingredients seem very simple but also carefully prepared will have delicious taste in general are now making dumpling dough here live good but to refrigerate overnight to take out to knead cutting and rolling it is said that through the frozen dough more in the rolling system when the firm is not only easier to eat when the skin molding will be more slippery refreshing good roll dumplings wrapped in thin middle thick edge will not have thick edge dumplings under the pot does not easily boiled several kitchen big sister are dumplings experts and noodles, dumplings, roll wrappers go from digging to stuffing dumplings forming only need three seconds after a little while the board is filled with a white dumplings dumplings in the pot to roll into full transparent floating in Soup with a large colander to remove master dumplings reeky soon to be on the table in the meat dumplings dumplings – fennel onion eating meat and onion stuffing – comfortable also quite diners favor a bite to taste the delicious pork soup inside the son delicate mixed with onion and sweet soft glutinous Dumpling Noodle – meat dumplings – Fun radish radish pork dumplings are the most traditional varieties but taste and taste is the most classic radish chopped crisp meat stuffing while still fragrant but not greasy also revealed a hint of the homemade sauce – feed flavor to a dish of dumplings in reeky hot and sour taste the homemade dip dip entrance mouth is delicious and smooth taste of the old eating house plus a bowl of dumplings Tangyuan broth, eat a bowl of it is comfortable – – – sauce elbow The store also homemade jelly fresh out of pork brine formula is pig’s trotters E. elders stay for decades have not changed the four season a delicious dumplings with two warm dishes satisfied and comfortable and the flagship store a greeting to sit together going on those home maybe life is supposed to be the simple – Guo master dumplings two or three – Name: Guo master dumpling shop address: Zhengzhou city jingyilu weft two road intersection 100 meters North East consumption: 15 yuan per capita in the | director Shu ride Xiangxiang delicacy original, reproduced please contact the authorized background "recommended" the fresh livelihood tesco!相关的主题文章: