A girl full of out fun car Chengdu auto show car screen – Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] once a year at the Chengdu motor show is like a raging fire, all the outstanding figures are gathered in Chengdu Exhibition Center, Century City, to see the car and enjoy the lottery, girl, everyone playing awfully, but if you are such a just do these three things the audience is a bit too flashy? Auto show really can only play? Today let beam Junlai tell you how to do a play over the vehicle system "art" exhibition of young. The new Audi MMI system we the road started from the Audi booth, at the Chengdu auto show on the new Audi A4L equipped with Audi MMI vehicle interaction system of the latest upgrade, Audi MMI vehicle interaction system of the next generation is the development of pre meter wildly beating gongs and drums, will be equipped with the new generation of Audi A8. The maximum MMI vehicle interaction system the characteristics of carrying on the new Audi A4L is a collection of Baidu CarLife and apple CarPlay owners, with this function you can easily use a mobile phone on the function of query, real-time traffic real-time traffic function and high moral map allows users to easily. The new BMW i-Drive display system of Chengdu auto show the new BMW 7 series equipped with the latest i-Drive system upgrade, compared with the previous generation system, the system of this generation has better UI interface, adding a touch screen function, and increase the power of the two level menu can preview. The main interface of the system function is divided into 6 parts, namely, the media, radio communication, navigation, Internet, driving my car and notice. In terms of information, BMW chose to cooperate with Baidu, Baidu will provide BMW with a variety of online information services, it is worth mentioning that users can use Baidu maps for fast route planning and navigation. Mercedes Benz new Command system has just listed the new Mercedes Benz E class at the Chengdu auto show is a matter of reason. The new Mercedes Benz E class above equipped with a double 12.3 inch LCD screen and Benz S level of the same system equipped with a new E level after Command system upgrade, Command man-machine interface of the system was upgraded, the interface is more beautiful, more simple menu logic, Touchpad touch panel is still as the main mode of operation. It is worth mentioning that the direction of touch buttons on the disc is the first time in the Mercedes Benz models, can identify the vertical and horizontal sliding, mainly used to operate the Command system, the touch function is Benz called "Touch Controls", can ensure the hands off the steering wheel to operate the Command system. The new Command system supports users to connect their phones via CarPlay. Ford Ford SYNC 3 brings new change of maverick models at the Chengdu auto show, the new maverick above is equipped with Ford’s latest SYNC 3 car entertainment system. .相关的主题文章: