Stocks-Mutual-Funds If you’ve got a list of penny stocks, that’s great. But how are you supposed to tell which penny stocks are the best? Picking the best penny stock to trade really isn’t any different deciding on which "regular" stock to invest. The research is all the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s a penny stocj or Microsoft. You’ve got to be able to know that you’re investing in a .pany with strong fundamentals. Make sure their financial statements are in order. You want to invest in .panies that have had a good history of strong profits and profit margin. Its also important to see that the .pany’s assets keep rising every quarter. Another key factor are the charts, themselves. When a penny stock usually breaks a resistance point, it breaks!! Always want to know where that resistance point is. Another thing to notice is the news. News reports on a .pany can turn a small .pany into a big one overnight. One day, they are unheard of the next day, they are the toast of the town, and more importantly the media. One more thing to keep an eye on, is the idea of the .pany. Sometimes an idea alone is worth billions of dollars. There have been countless .panies that have grown into major powerhouses just because of an idea that really hit it big with the public. I know it’s tough having to go through all these factors, especially considering that you have a big list of penny stocks that you have to research. Thankfully for all us, there is software that has made process a lot simpler. The developers who created the software have started an excellent newsletter service where they make stock picks based on the criteria above. The software makes about 4 or 5 penny stock picks a month and has an excellent track record. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: