Marriage-Wedding August 31 1997 will always be a date to remember. More than a decade ago, the world mourns of the untimely death of peoples princess, Diana, the Princess of Wales. Her legacy will be .pared to fire ferociously burning in the hearts of ordinary people who loved her dearly. Often referred as patroness of charities, her project includes hospitals for children, elderly, victims of landmines, health-related matters such as leprosy and AIDS which is actually beyond the purview of traditional royal involvement. People who lined up to offer flowers, cards, candles and personal messages that lasted for months after her passing are strong proof how she was loved by the public. Memorials had also been erected as a tribute to Englands Rose. A Princess with Style. As a royalty, Princess Diana is always under media scrutiny. Cited as the most photographed woman, her impeccable fashion sense had been seen by the public and captured by the cameras during her state visits and campaign of her charitable works and foundations. Among the most distinguished Princess of Wales mothers jewelry is the emerald and diamond choker and a sapphire earring as a wedding gift from the Queen that had originally belonged to Queen Mary. She would often add her unique way of style, by wearing her jewels in an unconventional way. She converted the bracelet into a choker and wore it on a ribbon around her neck. Sometimes she used the emerald choker as a headband. In recent years the choker necklace has fallen a bit out of favor, but anything Princess Diana inspired an instant style classic. Most of Dianas jewelry is accentuated with sapphire and emerald, the princess personal favorite charms jewelry . No wonder she personally choose an oval sapphire, flanked in diamonds as an engagement ring from Prince Charles, which later Prince William, Dianas eldest son used as an engagement ring to her soon-to-wife Kate Middleton. Other notable royalty jewelry that Diana frequently wore during public appearances was her numerous collection tiaras and choker encrusted with diamonds from the Crown Jewels. Every woman loves beautiful jewelries. Diana was no exception. She possessed the most beautiful and valuable mothers jewelry that one can only imagine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: