Self-Improvement Mind body connection books have the ability to connect the fine lines between a person’s heart, mind, and body, and in a very effective way offer alternative solutions to one’s day to day problems. These books highlight emotions as the source of a person’s state of mind that in turn influences his body into a state of wellbeing or ill-health. Emotional intelligence is the new mantra of the day, and it has a significant bearing on a persons mental and physical state. This being so, spiritual books offer a unique way to heal oneself from within, and therefore be able to handle ones feelings in order to enjoy a better state of peace and joy. Good self help books show you that simply covering up the surface with positive thinking does not help. It is similar to sweeping a house, where it does not help to sweep the dust under the carpet. The dirt has to be removed slowly and carefully from the source , and the stale air needs to be replaced with fresh air. There has to be a fundamental change from within for real healing to take place. Surface level ‘positive thinking’ will have no effect on this kind of change. For a fresh look at self-healing put across in an easy-to-read manner, turn to ‘Who Stole My Soul?’ by Vishwa Prakash a great mind body connection book which offers a unique method of healing from within. Anger, prejudices, resentment, and hate emanate from not heeding the inner voice of your soul, and Vishwa shows you how soul-connected spirituality heals you from within. A number of new age books are available on the market as fast-food spirituality, with long lists of things to do,but Who Stole My soul? refuses to take this bait and enters the soul of the reader in a conversational way that easily identifies with him and relates to his own real-life problems. As a spirituality book, Who Stole my soul has won accolades from leading authors, speakers and thinkers on soul-consciousness. It shows you the way to live a truly healthy and worthwhile life by showing you how to reach for and touch, polish and rejuvenate your inner soul. In current times, mind body connection books are becoming increasingly popular since they provide us with alternative and novel methods of attaining spirituality and consciousness to help keep our mind, body and soul in perfect harmony. To know more about mind body connection, read Vishwa Prakash’s highly acclaimed book Who Stole my Soul ? or visit the website About the Author: 相关的主题文章: