Health I don’t think it’s vanity to worry about what body you are going to be left with once Baby is born. I didn’t have a clue what to eat or what was the best exercises to be doing but one thing I did know was that it is better to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy than to try and regain your figure after you have had your baby. I’m not one to advocate Diets, I just don’t agree with them, particularly not during pregnancy but I think it is vital for Baby and for you to understand and focus on what you are putting in to your body. 1. Know the Facts If nothing else, by learning the facts, it will take your mind off the aches and pains and the morning sickness. Learn the difference between baby weight i.e. Healthy and normal weight gain as opposed to just ‘getting fat’. A certain weight gain is healthy and normal and what Baby and Mom needs. So it’s up to you to decide if keeping your weight gain to a minimum is more important than giving your baby a great start in life. I presume we will all answer the same way so now it is a matter of controlling the weight that you do gain and to gain it in a healthy fashion. 2. Your Diet Pregnant or not, deep down, we all know that the way to maintain a healthy figure is not to get sucked in by dieting fads but instead to eat healthily. Sometimes, it is hard to know what foods are best to eat during pregnancy i.e. The Fish Argument. You hear all sorts of warnings about eating fish during pregnancy, don’t eat too much, don’t eat too little, don’t eat too much of certain varieties. So, although you are trying to be healthy by eating fish, you do need to investigate all the facts before over-doing it. During your pregnancy, you will have special dietary needs as your body is changing, all of these requirements can be satisfied by maintaining a healthy diet. 3. Physical Activity We wont call it a workout or exercise as that brings to mind intense physical activity, which we do want to avoid. Often and gentle physical activity is a much better alternative. Even a few minutes of exercise per day can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. If nothing else, this can help control your stress levels and release endorphins that can keep you calm and relaxed through this stressful time. Walking and swimming are good low impact activities for any pregnant woman. Avoid any activity that has the potential to cause a fall of any kind, so horse-riding and scuba-diving would be considered inadvisable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: