Investing Ok let’s face it. People love gold. For thousands of years kings and conquerors and adventurers alike have sought tirelessly after it. Wars were fought over it, empires forged with it, and great kings remembered for it. And guess what? I’m going to show you how it’s SO easy to build a little empire of your own by getting into the gold market. You’ll be no King Tutbut I can bet that you’ll be pretty impressed if you follow through on what I tell you. Who cares about the gold market? Ok so here’s the scoop. Over the past few years gold has begun to shoot up in price after hitting a bit of a low in early 2004. And the gold market’s only going to get better. What’s happening is that the world digs up roughly 2500 metric tones of the yellow stuff each year. Problem? The world also ends up wanting to buy around twice that. You don’t have to be a math wiz to see the shortage problem. This little deficit has been going on for over a decade now, but National Banks around the world, which are basically the equivalent of our Federal Reserve, have been selling enough to the gold market to more than .pensate for the lack of renewed supply. The gold flowing from these banks has kept the price from skyrocketing to the heavens. BUT!! As you may recall I told you that the price of gold has been rising unremittingly. It began to perk up around 2001, and gave a little "jump" in ’04, opening a lot of eyes, and showing us all that the gold market is up and ready to explode. The foreign National Banks are no longer selling enough gold to quell the deficit. This is where we .e in. Ok so what’s step #1? The great part about this is that it’s so incredibly easy. You get to amass your own private little (or amazingly large) gold treasure. Yup. Physical, tangible, luxurious gold coins and bars. Something clicks in the back of your mind when you handle your first bit of gold that makes you see why so many people have been searching for it for so long. But wait a second, isn’t investing in the gold market supposed to be with stock? Glad you asked. And your answer is HELL no. Seeing that you would be investing in a .PANY, that business’ stock always has the potential to plunge down to zero, no matter how mighty it may seem today. Physical gold on the other hand will always hold most of its value. Always. That’s the beauty of the gold market. Look back in time, research it if you have to, but can you think of a timeframe in which gold was actually worthless? Didn’t think so. As the NASDAQ bust taught us all, every stock unfortunately has the threat of crashing. That won’t happen with the gold market. It has a timeless, self-intrinsic value that doesn’t rely on someone’s promise to pay. Gold you buy today will have, at the very least, the same value if your great grandchildren turned it in for retirement money. Ok so how exactly do you buy gold? The gold market is a lot closer than you’d think. First of all if you live in a town with over 15,000 people, bust out the old yellow pages and look up "Coin Dealer." You’ll be surprised how many listings turn up. Just walk in, write a check, and skip away with glee. Wel.e to the gold market! If you’d prefer a more technological transaction, you can place orders over the phone or the inter.. Just follow the easy directions, put in a credit card number over a secure form and you’re done. You can have gold on your doorstep the next morning! Wow, the gold market is easy to work with! Told ya so! Now being that you will be handling physical pieces of gold, don’t make the mistake of letting someone hold it for you. They’ll give you a structured note or gold certificate but you’re better off insisting on immediate possession of your gold, be it coins or bars. Just in case some disaster rolls around, this is the only way you can truly ensure that you own the gold. So there you have it, one of the easiest, and more importantly most profitable investments you’ll ever make. Hopefully I’ve been able to show you the gold market is, well, a gold mine! Gold prices have already taken off and luckily won’t slow down for quite a while. So do yourself a favor and get your feet wet. Call a local coin dealer and enjoy the profits of the gold market! Here’s to your success! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: