UnCategorized In reality, there’s no telling that we are already embracing and practicing bad habits. While we may be denying it, most people we make contact with everyday can attest to that. Motivational teacher Brian Tracey said that "while good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with, bad habits are the opposite since they are easy to develop but hard to live with." We develop bad habits and negative thoughts because of the pressure and stress we encounter. But of course, you cannot afford to let these bad habits rule your life for good. You must do something to at least curb the negative thoughts and eventually eliminate all of them. Discussed below are ten of the effective ways in changing bad habits and ending negative thoughts. Set a Date Plan – bad habits and negative thoughts are not easy to get rid of. However, if you carefully plan everything and set a date to .pletely transform yourself, you’ll get through it successfully. One or two months are ideal for you to discipline yourself and create a lasting habit change. Make sure though that you have been transformed when the deadline .es. Be Aware – You cannot change your ways if you don’t know them. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is identify what thoughts and habits you need to eliminate. Be aware that they exist in you and by the time you’re able to find them, get them all out in your system. Start Small, Win Big – the greatest of successes start with a small and single step. When you want to erase all negative thoughts in your mind and hope to change your bad habits, you need to start small, slowly, but surely. It is not about a sudden burst of will and everything’s changed. It is more about having the right amount of patience and the perfect strategy. What you need to do is address one habit and then proceeds onto the next. Make the Transition a Win-Win Situation – totally transforming your ways and habit entails some loss. Obviously, you’re practicing a certain kind of bad habit because you’re gaining something from it. So before you get rid of that bad habit and negative thought for good, plan a strategy first that will offset the benefit you’re getting from it. Promise yourself and someone close To You – Changing your bad ways and negative attitude can be very difficult if you are not .mitted and inspired. It’s like running without a cause. But if you can promise you and someone close to you, say, your partner or spouse, and then you’ll get additional motivation to achieve the change. Exercise the Plan regularly – Remember that what you are aiming is to .pletely eliminate bad habits and negative thoughts in everyday life. This corresponds to the idea that what you plan to do must be done in a daily basis. So you cannot say that you be.e good on Mondays and go bad again on Tuesdays. Take A Look At The Consequences – another motivational factor in changing your ways is to think of the long term effects when you adhere to those bad habits and negative thoughts. Are you going to be successful in life knowing that you practice them? Will the persons close to you not abandon you? Are you going to be loved? These things must be put in mind if you lack the motivation to move on and push through. Perseverance – The rationale is simple – the sacrifice and discipline is all worth it. Though it may be hard to put in practice, just remember that you’re doing this for yourself. If you fail, you lose. If you go on, you win. Think of the People Who Will Benefit from It – if you don’t feel the need to change your bad habits and negative thoughts, just think of the people close to you. If you do eliminate them, you’ll have a better relationship with your mom, you can be a lot more effective in the office or work, or you’ll be loved a thousand times more by your partner or spouse. How soon is now? – What are you waiting for? By the time you realize that the bad habits you’re practicing and the negative thoughts you’re embracing are slowly eating you up, you have to start rebuilding and transforming yourself. You have to do it now, before it’s too late. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: