General: Defense pimu times for tiger Taiduopatuo handsome war Paris – Sohu in Waterford stadium and sports while Standford bridge goalless draw, but the overall trend of Chelsea is good, since Hiddink took over after Chelsea in the Premier League unbeaten so far, " > gaoqingtu: Costa pushed to hit a fork waist players stop in the stadium and Waterford Standford bridge goalless draw, but the overall trend of Chelsea is good, since Hiddink took over after Chelsea in the Premier League unbeaten in 10 matches unbeaten in all competitions so far. After the news conference, Chelsea fire coach Hiddink spoke of several topics outside the current concern, such as the position of Terry, the Dutch captain said, is still the main team, first of all, Terry is the team, this season will definitely for the future, Terry and the club’s negotiation results depending on the." In the game, Diego – Costa and Waterford players Paredes clashes occurred, Hiddink said he was in the front, and then DC the great defense. "It happened right in front of my eyes, and it was clear to everybody that Costa was pushed back, and after that, he fell to the ground and covered his head with his hands. When this happens, I’m going to protect my players, of course, and Costa has been irritated by that guy." Chelsea fire coach Hiddink said, "the Premier League is a physically tough league, although Costa likes to do physical confrontation, but he can always within the rules allowed to do these movements.". Sometimes, the opposing players also use small moves to deal with Costa, Costa must learn to adapt to this point." The first round of the Premier League this season, Chelsea twice ahead, 2-2 draw with Waterford; now both sides in the Standford bridge field 0-0 battle and Hiddink said, although the team did not win, but the defense has made great progress, suggesting that than the age of Mourinho very much, "compared with the first leg on Boxing day the team, more stable in performance today, our defense is also more robust. It’s been a tough season, and now we’re all eager to make up for the gaps we’ve had. In the second half of the game, the players showed a strong desire to win, it makes me feel satisfied." For Chelsea, the elimination of the Champions League, the need for solid defense. Meanwhile, Chelsea, the new signing of Pato, also interviewed, and he looked forward to the first show, and even said he had no need to adjust the state, "I feel very good.". Although I still have to compete to find my best, but I’m ready for the race now, and I’m in good shape when I’m training. Hopefully, as time goes on, I can adapt myself to the rhythm of the premier league. I’ve heard a lot about the Premier League, and I’ve played against many Premier League teams, including Chelsea, when I played for Milan. Premier League is a very special League, where you need to deal with the fierce physical confrontation, the rhythm of the game is also very fast." )

希帅:防守比穆帅时代好太多 帕托替老虎战巴黎-搜狐体育虽然在斯坦福桥球场与沃特福德互交白卷,但切尔西的总体走势是好的,自希丁克接手之后,蓝军在英超联赛中保持不败,至今"> 高清图:科斯塔推倒悍将欲揍人 呲牙叉腰拦不住   虽然在斯坦福桥球场与沃特福德互交白卷,但切尔西的总体走势是好的,自希丁克接手之后,蓝军在英超联赛中保持不败,至今各项赛事10场不败。赛后新闻发布会上,切尔西救火教练希丁克谈到了外界目前关心的几个话题,譬如特里的位置,荷兰人表示,蓝军队长仍是球队主力,“首先,特里在这赛季肯定还会是球队的主力,至于未来,这取决于特里和俱乐部的协商结果。”比赛中,迭戈-科斯塔与沃特福德球员帕雷德斯发生肢体冲突,希丁克表示他就在事发点前,然后为DC大帝辩护。   “这件事情就发生在我的眼前,大家都看得很清楚了,科斯塔被人在背后推了一下,在那之后,他倒在了地上,并且用双手捂住了自己的脑袋。当这种事情发生时,我当然要去保护自己的球员,科斯塔当时已经被对方激怒了。”切尔西救火教练希丁克说,“英超是一个身体对抗很激烈的联赛,虽然科斯塔很喜欢去进行身体对抗,但他总是能够在规则允许的范围内去做这些动作。有的时候,对方球员也会用小动作去对付科斯塔,科斯塔必须要学会适应这一点。”   本赛季英超联赛第一回合,切尔西两度领先的情况下,2-2战平沃特福德;而今双方在斯坦福桥球场0-0战和,希丁克表示,球队尽管没有取胜,但防守有了长足的进步,暗示比穆里尼奥时代好很多,“与在节礼日进行首回合较量时相比,球队在今天的表现更加稳定了,我们的防守也表现得更加稳健。这是一个非常艰难的赛季,现在,大家都渴望把之前所落下的差距弥补回来。在下半场的比赛中,球员们展示出了强烈的求胜欲望,这令我感到满意。”对于切尔西而言,战欧冠淘汰赛,恰恰需要稳固的防守。   与此同时,切尔西新签的球员帕托也接受了采访,他期待首秀,甚至称他压根无需调整状态,“我的身体感觉非常好。虽然我还需要通过参加比赛来找到自己的最佳状态,但我现在已经做好了参赛的准备,我在训练时的状态很不错,但愿,随着时间的推移,我能够很好地适应英超的比赛节奏。我已经听到了不少人们对英超的看法,在为米兰效力时,我也曾和包括切尔西在内的多支英超球队有过交手。英超是一个非常特别的联赛,在这里,你需要应对好激烈的身体对抗,比赛的节奏也非常快。”   俱乐部官网披露,切尔西更新了欧冠淘汰赛名单,帕托榜上有名,与中国球会可能出现转会关系的法尔考落选,这也意味着巴西射手又有机会征战欧冠,切尔西欧冠1 8决赛将对阵老对手巴黎圣日耳曼。以下是切尔西欧冠淘汰赛名单(A名单):   守门员:1-贝戈维奇、13-库尔图瓦、27-布莱克曼   后卫:2-伊万诺维奇、5-祖玛、6-巴巴-拉赫曼、20-米亚兹加、24-卡希尔、26-特里、28-阿兹皮利奎埃塔   中场:4-法布雷加斯、8-奥斯卡、10-阿扎尔、12-米克尔、14-布特兰德-特劳雷、16-肯尼迪、21-马蒂奇、22-威廉   前锋:11-帕托、17-佩德罗、18-雷米、19-迭戈-科斯塔   (十九)相关的主题文章: