"The current war" exposure casting dynamic Shanan or partner volume blessing – Sohu – Sohu Michael entertainment entertainment news (Wen Da Sha Nan Zi) Edison biopic "the current war taken by the American film company paramount investment" (The Current War), today came the latest news: "have to choose the angle of revolution the Road" was nominated for best supporting actor Oscar – acting actor Michael Buchanan, will succeed Jack Gyllenhaal, will play into the high voltage AC transmission system of the United States George WestingHouse. Before the news that scientists have played Hocking, Van Gogh Turing, painter of genius "Sherlock Benedict" – Conboy Baki, will play the famous inventor Thomas Edison. "The current war" originally planned to invite the "Star Wars" 7 director J-J- Ai Brahms as the director, I have expressed a strong interest, his Bad Robot Studios is expected to make this movie paramount. But now, the director was replaced by "Earl and me and the dying girl" (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) at the Sundance Film Festival won the highest award of the Alfonso Gomes rejon (Alfonso Gomez-Rejon). "Sherlock" is now in the Hollywood has become a biopic of the market, almost can be competent for all kinds of industry to get figures, he won the best actor Oscar nomination for playing in the "imitation game" Turing, Buchanan also outstanding performance in recent years, works constantly, "asylum" "Midnight Run" I want "have a home" and so on, has witnessed its impressive performance strength. "The current war" is expected to become a popular awards season works, "Sherlock Oscar" for the coming year and even lay the foundation. Thomas Edison is an American inventor, physicist, is the history of mankind, the first use of a large number of production and Research on the principle of electrical engineering laboratory to engage in invention patents and have far-reaching effects on the people in the world. He invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, the light has a great impact on the world. His life has more than two thousand inventions, in the United States has a total of 1328 patents. Edison died in 1931 in the United States, New Jersey, Theo lan. In addition, Edison is also a great entrepreneur, he formed in 1890 by the Edison Ge Corp, is now famous Ge Corp (formerly GE). However, Edison’s life is not all positive energy, after George vigorously promote the Westinghouse AC generator to Edison, touched the interests of the company, and Edison began to discredit a variety of AC, tried to suppress the competitors. However, the DC transmission distance is far less than AC, so Edison defeated. The movie is expected in the autumn and winter of 2017 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: